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I've seen a member that put her picture with briefly shameless, please to warn this person not to do that. And help us to make this Network for a better place for Us to share and pray. If you want to know who is that person check out this member #4448. Hope we make the right thing for this Network Community.

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This was supposed to be taken care of. I am sorry for what has happened. Can this please be erased?
what happened here?
can please anyone tell me what this all about?
The person said it was a mistake. We are sorry to have jumped to conclusions before finding out the truth. Peace.
I want also to inform that there are also faik andventist that klaim that are adventist but they are not.
I had a several letter from the mans that lay that they adventist. Please lady be carefyl and we must united to check for some man is he real member in the churc and to ask his precear about it.
God bless you all.
Time for some sincere apologizes to flow in my opinion.

This could all have been prevented if the poster had followed the instructions of our Lord in Matt.18

Good lesson for all of us 'Christians' and 'SDAs' .... be Christians ourselves before accusing others of not being so.

The Devil has many ways to destroy. This is most certainly one of them. But I would plead that this not be erased. This is a lesson that many need to learn. Not just this particular poster.


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