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is watching tv on sabbath is a sin?..

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I agree with Gregory. If you're not watching football or a secular tv program you're fine. I know that 3abn shows on some local religious tv stations. You can always do a search for that.

So no Naruto during that time. ;)
We cannot expect every sin to be defined for us. However, based on your enlightenment and the direction of the Holy Spirit one can discern what is right from what is wrong.

Shall we not expect creeds, but let's be willing to obey the Spirit as He directs us.

God be with you.
So wether we eat or drink or WHATEVER WE DO, do therefore unto the Glory of God. 1 Cor. 10:31

I don't think that's kakashi in his primary pic :p
It is Kakashi. I know his outfit & hair. lol
Sin is the transgression of the law. So if the program you are watching doesn't permit the presence of His Spirit and angels, then definitely it's dangerous to your body where the Spirit dwells.
If the program will allow you to appreciate God and His creative power, allow you to commune with the creator at any instant then I believe the Lord's name is glorified.
Oh. Another "Is it a sin" thread. Cool.

The short answer is no.

I watch TV almost every Sabbath. I have the SDA satellite.
i believe not the written 10commandments are the only laws. and we must not wait to be told that a,b,c,d... are the only sins that we can commit. the bible says in 1corinth10;31 that whatever you do do it for the glory of God. therefore by one not gong to church and watching manchester vs arsenal foootball game that is a sin but if you watch something that is gonna lift you to Jesus then i believe its right with you.

God bless you
It depends on the program, I watch Hope and 3ABN on Sabbath.
it depends on what you are watching. but if you are watching the sermon, gospel ministry through DVD, religious movie there is no wrong for that. But if during sabbath you are watching basketball, volleyball or other views which does not good that's a sin. Supposed to be sabbath is for Jesus so we have to read, watching sermon or other things that can glorify God. The truth is TV should not allow in our home because Television is the deadfulweapon. Yes, we can use television for good purposes but be careful.

Hi Cheche

watching sports on sabbath is not wrong ,i watch football all the time and i find it relaxing,in fact i know of world class players who glorify God through sports,look at KAKA (if u know him)whenever he scores a goal he points to the heavens praising God,MAICON,LUCIO ...hence sports on sabbath is not bad...

How does something that not only has nothing to do with God, but pits one man against another

(a spirit of competition is the first step to a spirit of rebellion) glorify God..


I have heard people like Lindsy Lohan who sing explicit songs about sex thank God at the music awards to, it doen't mean that what they are doing through their music... Not to mention that if you research these sports and their origin the entire sports world right down to what is chosen for most of their logos is dedicated to Lucifer.

this comment is for sam nyamweya

you watch sports on sabbath

and find nothing wrong with that?

i would rather listen to doug's amazing facts

now that is my two cents




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