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We keep preaching Jesus is coming soon, but are we telling the truth ?

In fact some adventist left the church because of this, that Jesus is coming very soon.  but it never happened, are we being honest to our very own people ?  why are we misleading our people ?

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The point is clear if you read the short study!  ALL scripture is important!  To peddle a book that is not all scripture is also important since you would not be sharing truth about God From God.


Simply put. That is my point!


God Bless



Your short study is mesmeric in nature, as I have already pointed out. It tries to sell itself without the reader first knowing what is being sold.

If you do not answer my simple question, then you have lost me for any cause that you think you might have. If you think your "truth" is of any salvational value to me then please re-approach, lest you have my blood on your hands.


My question stands, WHATS YOUR POINT ??



Exodus 16 is an important point in Jewish history, because when correctly translated, it can identify the day of the week the original Passover lamb was slain.  It turns out that Jesus fulfilled the time line of the original passover lamb perfectly and it is being mis-represented by the Christian world as a whole via doctrine and tradition. 

This single verse can identify why the Christian world as a whole is the great apostacy that occured as mentioned in the bible yet the people making the bible had no idea they were a part of it. Those who put faith in a book over God are also a part of it.  They never receive word of God from God.  They just read the myths and legends about the men of the past who did.

You said, "there is no answer that someone cannot debate" 


Is it not recorded in the bible that God would put words in the mouth of his true followers that could not be argued against?  When Jesus spoke the truth for someone who was blind to see or cripple to walk and it happend, was that debatable truth?  This is the truth Christians are supposed to have.  Not the diversified speculations of human imagination based on ancient letters recorded on paper. 


If you are built on solid ground in your understandings (The LAW) There is no question you should not be able to answer in truth for the past, present or future since the spirit of Promise can show you things to come as well as bring to rememberance all thing Jesus spoke... even those which were not recorded. 


When is the Christian world going to seek the most true reward of spiritual re-birth so that they can take a gospel of spirit and truth to the world instead of Speculations built on the myths and legend and Catholic Recordings.


God Bless

Thank you, Ray!  Well stated response!  No one will believe when they don't want to believe, and no one will be convinced when they have already made up their mind.


Blessings, friend



hi sir James..

The coming of Jesus is only predictable with current events as in Mathew 24.1-11and the book of Revelation,hence,one should be patient ,hopeful and prayerful because you will never know when the heavens will open wide with billions of Angels praising GOD,the question is how ready are you?....

Jesus will come ONLY AFTER He will finish to CLEAN His heavenly sanctuary..

But anything like that, will understand ONLY the one who will realy understand God`s PLAN of salvation (relevated in all 3 parts of salvation - in all 3 sanctuaryes... which are ONE - in Jesus)

Those who have no patience will leave and those who are misleading also will leave. only those who are sealed and their names are written in the book of life will stay. Because Jesus died for all of us. He invites all but the choice is ours. Today we are so chained in our comfortable zone that we take it lightly and if we are not honest to ourselves why should be blame others. Our relationship with God matters a lot and that will make us stay till the end. It is our faith that will save us wherever you are and what ever we are now. It is an individual struggle daily. Don't blame the church and others. Jesus died for each one of us. The choice is personal and honest one.

,,,the first coming has a fix time and the second coming also. We sda we must be glad that God has given us the book of prophecy and we do have a check list. If Jesus is not yet here it is because all of us are not ready. Because He ask us to spread the gospel and the good news, making them disciples and baptising them in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy spirit. We like to see that others are to be blamed but never us. Cast a glance in thyself and you will see how many time we let go an opportunity to give a testimony about Christ, and ready to justify ourselves..   


Any person who allows a hypocrite to stand between him/her and God, allows the hypocrite to be closer to God then they are. 

Staying with the ship is not easy, but being a real Christian has never been easy.  But the reward is worth it.  And the retirement plan is out of this world.


Maranatha :)


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