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Times are real tough.People are crying out, some even cursing God. How can we explain the harsh realities to an atheist or a non Christian?

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Yep Sir but people still need answers. Some do not need anything else. The world is crying out how much can we as individuals do. Guess we have to ask God to multiply our loaves and fish to feed the multitude that confronts us.



Sis. Redva

Thank,  Ronald so tell them that Jesus is the answer? This we know all  well that the only way is Jesus. But tell me how i respond to the cries of the people.




Sis. Redva

Ronald Amen.


Sis. Redva

True Lessthanking.


Sis. Redva

100% agreed!

This is how Jesus initially reached the people, then He taught them the gospel!

I agree too but the reality is that the rich, the poor and the in-betweens are crying out. There are various needs but not all are material and physical. Some people only need answers.



Sis. Redva

Ok then, thats the need, so we need to meet it...and point them to Jesus love for us, and also near future deliverance of these happenings all around!

The other day I was talking to a furniture store owner (Jewish) and  he was saying things are rough, people are not buying, why the time so hard man? He was not saying this because he needed food or clothing, he only wanted his business to be faster and hoard more money. I know that he is to be pointed to Jesus and that will be done. But of course he was crying out. How do you respond to his cry Jr.


Sis. Redva

Just by listening you helped to ease a little of the burden on his mind about his concerns and worries of his buisness. Sometimes just offering a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on can achieve more than mere words as people talk and cry out about their worries and the harsh times they are going through.

Sometimes as they talk, you may think of a solution to a problem they may not have thought helpful practical advice or a bag of food to someone who is really struggling or who has very little food can also speak volumes more than words.

As some have pointed out actions speak louder than words- so where possible rather than preaching to someone about the hard times, actually doing something to ease their burden such as paying a bill for them or shopping at their place of buisness may help more than mere words.

It also goes without saying though that we also have to be careful of those who may  try and exploit a persons kindness so we have to be careful not to be used in these cases also...

LadyC, thanks well appreciated, Listening is key.  Sharing, if one can afford is ideal. In addition I believe in teaching persons how to fish if they are unemployed and of greatest importance in all this is prayer.



Sis. Redva

Ok Less I hear you. Please do that.



Sis. Redva

Yes Lessthanking, remember though, that the tough times do not confine to non Christians but many among us in the church who do not have anything material to minister to the physical needs of others-Do you remember this?

Acts 3:6

Then Peter said, “Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.”
We need a connection with Jesus and a mustard seeed faith.
sis. Redva


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