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My gay christian buddy and i took in a guy cause he was going to be homeless

we have known BRUCE and became very close to him for about a year

worked with him in community services ( my buddy and i are the cooks that cook for the disadvantaged  and pass out groceries at our church - many in our church make this happen every week)

and Bible study and prayer at a mutual christian home every week

he moved up here from the bay area

we are in the forest mountains at the snow line

no one in church offered so we stepped in out of love for him and the desperation that came to a head

(the church has alot of old peeps with big old homes- cause children left long ago ect, but the conditions of Bruce parole are too restricting -no guns or booze or drugs ect - they will search the whole house- cause of the nature of his felony crime)

this is going to be a temp situation till he gets on his feet

God has worked mighty miracles on his behalf and we cant wait to see what GOD will do

BRUCE is a new christian (year and a half)

and gotten into alot of trouble that made him turn to JESUS on his knees in  deep repentance


the funny thing about this situation is that BRUCE is gay and the church has no clue

they think he is some straight redneck cowboy

BRUCE has heard  what christians say about homosexuals and know not to come out

its so unsafe to be who you really are in most churches

(that goes for straights too)

Now we have three gay guys living together in the mountains that go to the local SDA Church

what are the odds

(btw they know my gay christian buddy and i are gay)

pray that he will find a place on his own soon

he is still going thru the legal mess and the parole people have very strict rules that he has to adhere to



:)  using this opportunity to share more of GOD's  love and wonderful design/power

i will share a spiritual law GOD has revealed a long time ago to me that may be lost on so many esp. the ones who are earnest with all these supposes and comparing their walk and how it looks to others...

getting to know the christian gay man at church all these months -me and my christian gay buddy formed a bond with him.
a brotherhood. a spiritual connection. A family of God thing with Jesus as our mutual foundation.

there is no danger of a seduction going on between us gay men anymore than there is a seduction going on between two brothers or family members.

Can it happen? yes but not likely. just think of your own siblings, people!
thankyou for your own visuals

hope it helps understanding this SPIRITUAL LAW!
God created all men who are in Jesus to relate to each other as brothers.

My  gay christian buddy and i were lovers a long long time ago in a place far far away but thru Jesus has become brothers in Christ. that means.... uhhh no sex or tickling allowed.

(or slow deep kisses)

it has taken too many years to finally take-  u know the Sancification process u all here have a part in (uhhh...maybe/hopefully)

it has become a law engraved in our hearts by the HOLY SPIRIT
we have no history of  sexual stuff with the church member so it wasnt a battle

the gay community has knowledge of this in its own way called SISTEEERHOOD. Sisteeers dont sleep with sisteeers! has there been exceptions? o yes    ! but not common.


maybe one day i will wax long and arduous on how GOD's Will can be accomplished thru monogamous very  long term gay relationships in a later thread

 the same principle of becoming brothers enacts the same way :)

God is the great designer that gets HIS WAY!

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Oh great MFG, I have been praying for you and your friend. God is so great to us, we are so blessed to have such a loving, wonderful Father who looks out of us. I am in awe every time he answers a prayer, I shouldn't be but I am, so in awe with His majesty....

I am confused.  Who exactly is "coming out"?  Who is this supposed to be?

Reply by Heisenberg on Thursday

I am confused.  Who exactly is "coming out"?  Who is this supposed to be?


Heisenberg God bless you

its always nice to see you and your comments

its ok the irony is lost on you

i totally identify with the cartoon thats why i posted it

i have to apologize for hi jacking my own thread o my

though i must say this thread is about

3 gay Christian celibate gay grizzly bears

living up in the woods and going to the same conservative SDA  church

# what are the odds


"3 gay Christian celibate gay grizzly bears"

Where does Goldilocks fit into this story? LOL

The social-engineers promote the gay way of life because gays are not Christians. The gays often grow to hate Christianity which does not approve of their choices in life. The government sex-ed social engineering promotes everything anti-family and anti-Christian.

Schools teach the dangers of drugs yet promote the equally deadly gay life: 

Study Confirms Gay Life Expectancy 20 Years Shorter

Otherwise curious considering only 2% are known gay: 

Just over 2% tell CDC they are gay, lesbian, bisexual

This just makes it seem like your calling Jesus a gay,? 

I was confused by it as well.

Inspired by your testimony MFG. May God continue to bless you. 

Inspired in what way?  Inspired to live with two other gay men?  Inspired by his cartoon?

Inspired that people have given a home to somebody who needs one.

Cool, how is that working out for you?


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