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Do Adventists ladies put on earrings?

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well then  there is no difference between a Seventh Day Adventist and a nominal Adventist. 

But their is a difference between an Adventist and a does not automatically make the other.   It would be well to focus more on being Christ-like.

@Paul Macevle it is already an accepted practice in some cultures brother.

who determines what should be accepted and what should not be accepted, culture or the word of God?

Oh and about that real and false adventist classification: if we are "lucky" enough to sing, stay and learn with/from Jesus during the 1000 years, we still have enough time to judge (other people) based on true facts and laws and not superficialities, like jewellery.

Don't want to offend you, but this "putting other adventists in named drawers" is much worse than wearing jewellery.

[ I don't defend wrong theological interpretations, only adventists, who need some more years to be as wise or biblically adult as you or who just see sth from a different cultural background].


In life no matter how much you hear some thing and do not want to change, no one can force you.  In my country specifically, 'they say we are in democracy', and therefore you choose what you want to do. If you want to wear earing, do so , if you want to eat pork, do so also, and the list go on.


Like you said there is only one Judge at the moment.


I was  not judging you, i was just looking for fruits.

Matthew 7: 20 'Wherefore by thier fruits ye shall know them'

Ecclesiastes 12: 14

For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good , or whether it be evil.

You asked: Do Adventist ladies put on earrings?  Yes some of them do sir. With your permission: What does the Bible say about God's preference and His people wearing them (earrings)?  Enough examples where God instructed the Israelites to take them off in time to meet Him. Like others have already said, when God says it you want to work towards understanding and accepting it as part of your life style as none of our leaders, friends, relatives and so preferred pace setters will admit us to Heaven.  You see Moses got a lashing for disobeying God re: the water from the rock, eg.  I don't think the church, the leaders, etc will be spared for knowingly going against God's teaching. Check SOP, Patriarchs and Prophets on the Priest Eli's failure to reprimand his sons.  Inspired writing---God not pleased with behavior from us and not sanctioned by Him as it also encourages those not so into God to carry on with their lost way and not question their stance, repent, etc. Stay away from the earrings.  I notice there is an attempt to weigh this use of earrings against other.  All are the same and we ought to work on each much like breaking habits.  God help us as we wake up to listening to His word and walking by it. God bless.

@ Scobs God told Moses to take off his shoes at the burning bush, does this mean that Adventist should not wear shoes?  If we are to carry your argument to its logical conclusion then you ought to be a bare footed Adventist.  Just for the record I do not wear jewellery not even a watch or wedding ring.  I have my own conviction where jewellery is concerned I am convicted that I ought not to wear it in any shape or fashion.   At the end of the day one can person can wear jewellery and make it to the kingdom and another person wears jewellery and do not make it to the kingdom.  It's all about conviction my friend.


THAT is what I have been impressed by the LORD--and it is the application of Isaiah.  For some, their OWN spiritual issues necessitate their abstinence from a watch with a black plastic band, limited success in their lives, not wearing hats, and even illness for their salvation.  


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