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Do Adventists ladies put on earrings?

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yes there are many threads in the forum on this topic.Seventh Day Adventists don't wear earrings anywhere in the world. This is one of the ways someone would identify an adventist in terms of the externals 


Some do - are you asking if it is right or wrong?

well, real adventists dont wear earrings. unless if you are still new in the church and do not understand why you should not wear them.

i know a few real Adventists who wear earrings

and some of them for only special occassions

since when, and by whom?
why on special occaions only? is it not because they want to be accepted by the world?

I can find no JUSTIFICATION for Adventists of either sex to wear earrings.....ESPECIALLY PIERCED EARRINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Nuff Sed

this is a very interesting topic brothers and sisters... i know a lot of Adventists who wears earrings and they are active members of the church. I for one, am not against it... . who are we to classify the "real" adventists from not. i guess instead of spending a lot of time criticizing or even debating about this, we should just focus on ourselves and how we can shine our light to others as Christians.

How can we shine as lights in the world of darkness when we our selves are darkness? In south africa its not a common practice. I see only rings. But nothing more. We still preach this things in our sermons. Only new converts will be wearing stuff like ear rings.

so how much is too much, if one ring is OK then  who says that 10 is not 



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