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I am planning to have my wedding ceremony at the courthouse instead of the church, is this okay?


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What are your reasons for doing this?
Well, I just think wearing a white wedding gown and eating a wedding cake is not that important.
So ... that is all that going to God's House means to you? Nothing more? Skip the white gown and cake ...

One doesn't have to have a white gown and cake to enter His presence in His Church.

You could always do it in His other church .... His handiwork ... Nature. That would also have far more symbolism than the courthouse.
No, it looks too strange. People would expect me to wear a white gown or something.
What culture are you from?

It certainly ain't that way in the good ol' US of A.

There are all kinds of wedding ceremonies. Check out this one:
Yes, please explain why you are planning to skip church.
Yeah, we'd like to hear it from you if you don't mind us requesting you that.. ",
Where in the Bible does it say that the church is mandatory for a wedding.
Marriages and funerals were conducted at the family premises, in the entire eastern world. No precedent, historical nor biblical exists for supporting the western ( Roman Catholic) practice of 'churching' the couple.
We have grown comfortable with the practice but there is no imperative that requires us to so do.
The commencement of a new family is a legal contract,overseen by the state, with a minimum of five (5) stakeholders:- viz-a) the man; b)the woman; c) the marriage officer; d) witness one; e) witness two.
Any others involved is totally a matter left to the discretion of the couple, or in eastern culture, those who are 'sponsoring' the wedding.
I am not objecting to the involvement of the clergy, but simply seeking to show that it is not absolutely necessary. Certainly, it creates a solemn atmosphere at the beginning of this most fundamental institution of human society. Unfortunately, one out of every two such marriages disintegrate into dissolution, just like those marriages that have no 'spiritual' underpinning.
Chew on this
I prefer the symbolism and dedication of the House of God. But others may have their reasons to not go to the House of God. I would like to hear those reasons. That's why I asked.
Yes, there is no problem about it . It is legal and acceptable by manuel.
sure it's okay. we did that 27 years ago. :)
I pray that God has made this match so whereever it is ratified, you will both be happy in your lives together.


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