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I am planning to have my wedding ceremony at the courthouse instead of the church, is this okay?


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I was 46 and my husband was 41. ( I robbed the cradle) When you reach my age you learn to pick what's worth arguing over. I found out nothing is worth arguing over.
Hey Gabriel, I believe the perfect age for a couple to get married is 28-34 for a girl and 34-38 for a guy. I am more mature now that I am nearing 30 than I was when I originally got married at 23. I also think that a man in his mid thirties already knows what he wants and is more responsible in his choices about everything (finances, religion, family, work, leisure time).
What if you find a Toys R Us Wife???? You have to get married, have a family someone to grow old with. It can be lonely you know. I know I am going to hear the biblical part of it where not everyone has been called to get married...etc. But i am still saying it anyway I feel you should consider getting married at some point in life, I am sure you will find someone who will want to travel with you, someone you can have fun with, an ideal companion. Make your list, tell God about it, ask him and I am sure he will place a girl in your life who will be all that and much more!
She will certainly be much much more than you ever dreamed of Gabe. That for sure. They always are.
hahahahah...", yeah...", you have the point...",
spending a lot of money on a wedding is not appropriate.
Instead of renting a facility to get married in .... try God's Nature .... it's free. And some times ... you can feel God's presence even more than a building.
I think my parents would be uncomfortable attending church, due to cultural differences, the other thing is that I am trying to keep the Mosaic Law, it is hard to find a wedding gown that made from 100 percent cotton ,ect. As for the wedding cake,I am not sure if baking soda is good for us to eat .
Soriya, it is your wedding keep that in mind. If you are comfortable getting married in a courthouse go right ahead. If you would like the religious aspect of it, all you have to do is have your pastor there to give you some words of wisdom, and some biblical foundation on that special day. You do not need to have cake, your wedding is more than a bunch of ornaments and is a HOLY union between you, your groom and God. It is a pact made between you two to honor and love each other and to remain faithful in the Lord until death. Just make sure you make God a part of your MARRIAGE and you should be okay.
Vegas is always an option.
Evelyn, thanks. If I ever get married, it will be at the courthouse. I talked to my former pastor, and he was okay with it.
It's not what your pastor will agree to that matters. What matters is what YOU want.


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