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I am planning to have my wedding ceremony at the courthouse instead of the church, is this okay?


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Good, it is always good to have a few words coming from God through a pastor during any day especially a wedding! Well when that day comes just make sure you do what you are comfortable with and that you enjoy the day.
Well, whatever you think that's friendly or favorable to you...", As long as you love each other and have faith in God, then, why not?
yes i think there is no problem..some people like their weddings to be peaceful and small .
so depending on what you long as you invite God he will be there..
nothing is wrong with having your wedding at a courthouse, it's a building just like the church remember the building is not a church it's the people who make the church. any building can be use for church so go ahead your marriage will be bless by God that's all that matters


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