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I am planning to have my wedding ceremony at the courthouse instead of the church, is this okay?


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You can marry wherever you legally like , God is everywhere, have a good day when it comes!
Yes ... you are right Gabe. I would not want to get married in the same place as divorces. Not good symbolism. Nope. The courthouse is strictly for the legal aspects like you mentioned. I would not want to skip the spiritual aspects of marriage.
I went to St. Patrick's cathedral during New years, it is nice but I would personally not feel comfortable getting married at a Catholic church. It is a beautiful church though, If I had to choose NY I would get married on top of the bridge, I forgot the name right now but that bridge was beautiful at night. Definitely not the traditional wedding there huh!
Brooklin Bridge Gabriel, that is the Bridge, it finally came to me haha
It is absolutely beautiful I agree.'s a unique idea...hmmm, but for me, i'd still prefer church wedding...", I want it to be memorable in my entire life...You know, it's a great feeling when you are blessed at the church by a pastor. I can feel it whenever I sing during the wedding ceremony in our church. ",
Ronie a church wedding is beautiful in every sense of the word. I loved my wedding at church it gave me a sense of closeness with God, unfortunately it did not last very long but I think that has nothing to do with the church. One of my favorite moments of the wedding was when my best friend sang, his voice is so beautiful and it was such a touching moment. It will be memorable, my marriage is over but my wedding is still and will always be very memorable. But what is really important to remember is what my "still husband" and I forgot, and that is to Make GOD your number one priority! Trust that marriage to him, surrender yourselves and ask for his guidance on a daily basis. That is the key to a successful marriage regardless of the place you choose to have your ceremony in.
Gabriel what if someone only wanted about ten people to attend their wedding???unless it is a significantly small church it will look empty and a courthouse is a room that is already designed for a wedding ceremony to take place. I have seen some in there and they are not bad!
I would prefer a small grove of trees or rose garden. But then there are small chapels that serve the purpose. And most every community has them. Even hospitals have chapels that are small.
a rose garden would be beautiful, hmmm I think you have just put a new idea in my head, forget my bridge! haha
you are too funny!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!
My husband and I were married at the courthouse. It was a small room specifically for weddings. All my friends were there. I had a lovely dress, my husband a new suit. Everyone dressed as if it were a church wedding. I had a lovely bouquet of flowers, my husband had a flower too. The one who performed the ceremony said it was the lovliest wedding they had performed in that room. Why? Because they could see that we really loved each other and that made it very special for all there. After the wedding we went to a nice restaurant where my husband and I first met. We had a lovely meal and everything was beautiful. We celebrated without all the hooplah that you would find in church weddings. After all this time, we are still in love. I haven't been back to court for a divorce because we work at our marriage. If people remember why they fell in love in the first place and act like they did back then, there wouldn't be any divorce. Our love is stronger today than it was in the beginning. God bless you in your upcoming wedding. Remember to say I love you every day, even if you don't feel like it.


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