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What's the church's stand on having wedding meetings on Sabbath.
Is it right to fund raise towards a wedding on sabbath?

Wedding meetings are held in some countries and they are meant to raise funds for the bride and groom to be towards their wedding ceremony purchasing wedding gowns, suits etc.
Lots of things are done such as auctioning of some gifts, pledging etc.

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Joseph ... Is this REALLY you? Praise God. You have been MISSED. What is going on in your life? Can you share anything to update us?

Sorry to be off topic here. I am just SO excited to see you.

BTW ... is this your wedding that we are talking about?

I don't know anything about this tradition that you mention. But from what you have said ... NO I certainly do not think it is appropriate for Sabbath. I don't care for ANY kind of fund raising on Sabbath ... even for good causes such as the church.
Yes this is me, the real Joseph! from 4Him to NHim?
No change. My first name has always been N Him and my last name has always been 4 Him. I just switched because I didn't want anyone to confuse me with Ernie Knoll. I suppose you have heard of EK and his group? No thanks. Thus ... N Him. So good to have you back Joseph.
Saturday night! All fundraising at my church takes place Saturday night. There are 6 ENTIRE days to fundraise, Sabbath should not be used for these purposes.
welllll now , this certainly violates the SABBATH does it not involve buying and selling?? IS an auction selling ?/ is a auction buying?? THE wedding it self I have no problem with it is what is being done during the Sabbath hours that is a problem. , IS their secular decorating ? . all things dealing with a wedding should be done before the Sacred hours of the Sabbath an after the hours of the Sabbath .
Today weddings with all the fringes hehe! would be best after the Sabbath is over I mean simply the opening of some gifts an specific decorations and photos for memories n videos would actually compromise the Sabbath let alone all the food preperation n clean up yes?? Cannot all this wait a bit longer ?
Just to clear the air, wedding meetings are different from the wedding ceremony.

Like I said before, wedding meetings are called upon to raise funds for the wedding ceremony. Now during these meetings there's pledging and in some occasions auctioning gift items.

The question was, is it appropriate during worship service in the morning after sabbath school to engage worshipers into pledging towards the wedding as a means of raising funds required for the wedding for a church member?
Brother Joseph I still believe those things should be done after Sabbath hours, I did understand what you meant so my response still stands, after Sabbath hours would be the time to engage in those activities. One can even have a game night or so at home and invite people and play simple games that do not cost any money to entertain, serve some lemonade and do the auctions, or pledging. But the Sabbath hours are for God and pledging during Sabbath hours is basically planning the wedding during God's time. There is a time for everything, Sabbath needs to remain as holy as possible.
Amen Eve.
What makes you feel that it is okay to exchange tithe or offering money on Sabbath. Shouldn't we take care of those matters before God's holy day?
Returning the tithe and giving offering is a sacred act. Of course, we should get them ready before, especially if it takes much time to do so.
I think that these wedding meetings (new to me, but sound great) should be done another time other than Sabbath. Why? It is a secular event even though it is for sacred ceremony.
It is qiet a trendy issue in our churches today,atleats every sabbath or in a while an elder comes up with an issue about a certain wedding...''so you are all invited to this ceremony'' or ''please give your contribyuions on this''.....
It is not a bad idea though its beeing noticed..
I dont have a stand on that, because at one point its way o communicating to the church memebers that one of the members will be having a ceremony, but some go further holding the meetings within, and during the Sabbath day, yet we ar e told' being the Lords day may all our thoughts, deeds and Spirti be dedicated to who we serve JESUS THE ANNOINTED ONE AND OUR GOD
I stand to be corrected


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