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Are we supposed to go to weddings of adventists marrying non adventists?

Well i've once went to one, i was nt comfortable because the pastor who blessed the wedding was not an adventist and he did some rituals and burning of some incense as a form of blessing.

i was nt comfortable with the whole thing.

I was just wondering, if our friends are getting married in such a wedding, should we go and support them?

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I've personally been torn on whether to attend weddings of Adventists and non-Adventists. I remember growing up and hearing a guest Adventist pastor say, in the pulpit, that he didn't go to his own sister's wedding because she married a non-Adventist and he didn't support it. At that time it made me cringe in my seat. I thought, "Wow! He really didn't go to his own sister's wedding!"

My church has a rule that they won't marry an Adventist and non-Adventist in the church. We've had several couples that were married at 1st day churches, but come back to attend our church.

I can see why there are those who don't support attending these wedding, because the Bible says that we should be equally yolked. God also was against the children of Israel marrying with gentiles. The people that I know who haven't gone to these weddings that they were invited to, didn't want their presence at the wedding to be interpreted as agreeing with an unbiblical wedding.

Again, I've always been torn on this. This is especially true when family is involved. I can honestly say that I haven't been to a wedding of an Adventist and non-Adventist, because I have not had the opportunity or been invited to one. Would I go, if a member of my family was involved, probably so. Is that the "correct" answer? I'm not sure. 

From my view on what I've seen, the younger generation does not have the same problem with attending Adventist and non-Adventist weddings as the older generation has in the past.

I do....and have not gone to some weddings where both were Seventh-day Adventist.  The issue of being "equally yoked" is not one of denomination, but one of agreement....It is spiritual and not just because one goes to the same church.   Being honest, you can see from the diverse perspective on pretty much every thing that we can be "one" and yet never need to marry certain people who carry the SDA brand.  

Christian (to me) is more important....When Christ is there, the other things fall into place.

are u an adventist?

I am a Christian who joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church and has been in "good and regular standing" for 37 years....

Returning the honest question:  Are you a Christian and have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior?

Choosing to marry a non-sda is becoming a non sda. So where the raison d'etre to assist the wedding. God Himself will not bless this couple and the wedding. In God's rule there is not mixture. It is plain and transparent, clear for everyone to see, and accept. If you assist a sda wedding to a non-sda then you are giving he or she your support.So whatever taking place there you bear the brunt and no comments.

It would have been better to convert the guy or girl then have a proper sda wedding according to the norms.

Because we are fully aware about where we stand in our relationship with God and we need not to betray Him. Once betray is giving a space for the devil to occupy and then he will occupy the full space.

Prefer to remember single in that case and serve our God with loyalty till the end.

Choosing to marry a non-sda is becoming a non sda.

That is your opinion and not factual.   No issue with personal perspectives, but you are in error to generalize.


When you are a christian, you enter into a covenant with God!

Joh 14:15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.

1Jn 2:4 He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.

His covenant in both Old and New Testaments is based upon the 10 Commandments.

The marriage is a type of that covenant, the man being the priest, the woman being the church, so for you to say that it doesn't matter you are actually overruling Jesus, I don't know if you have thought about it that way?

God only has one church, one truth, one way.

Be blessed my sister



    Before the Millerites, where was His church, His Truth, His Way?

    Was it with the 7th Day  Baptists?   They are still a viable however small denomination.

    Would it be ok for an Adventist to marry someone who is in another Sabbath keeping denomination?  There are many of them, a few are listed on this site:

Sabbath Observing Denominations — Sabbath Churches

God tells us that he will show us the end from the beginning.

When Israel was in Egypt, they had fallen away from keeping the Sabbath, many of them had fallen into Idolatrous practices. God does not condemn people in darkness, He judges according to the light they have, and will continue to do so til the end of time. When He took them out of Egypt, he immediately restored His law, including the Sabbath, long before they got to Sinai.

God does not leave people in darkness, hence during the dark ages, He raised up men like Luther, Huss, Tyndale etc, to restore that light. God is patient, and from 1798-1844 he started to bring about a movement that would restore everything fully. As light is given to us, we are to walk in that light, yet between 1840-1844 the other churches rejected that light, and were left praying to satan.

God knows there are honest souls amongst those denominations who are seeking for truth, but we as a church have failed to allow the truth to reform us, and hence why many souls are perishing, because we slumber on instead of humbling ourselves before God, so that He can use us in a mighty way to bring those souls out of Babylon.

God will soon allow the Sunday Law to come upon us, and he will use the King of the North to purge His house, before he will likewise punish them. Then Israel will be restored, because only those who have allowed the Lord to do the necessary work in them will stand in that evil day.

The Loud cry is the voice that will bring many of those souls into the Lords ranks, but until that time, the church will slumber on as god's word say's until they have filled up their cup of sin.

To answer your question in short my friend, it is those who when they hear the truth according to His word, humble themselves and do it. Luke 8:20, 21.

@ Sarah, well they gradually start by not attending church service on sabbath day. No communion service.

They start by not abiding with the norms requested in our church. So many have lost their sda identity and this is the truth not my opinion. We have witness so many here. I am sorry but it is fact. I don't know how it is in usa but here they gradually leave the church.

Not always true...not even half of the time true.  It is very individual and yes is different in the United States for many reasons (thank you for recognizing possible cultural differences).  

How do you know that God will not bless the wedding?


The convert the guy just to marrie him? Waw!


If sameone is marrie a non-Adventist, when they have sex you will say that they are doing sin? Where in the Bible there is writting that it is sin! Moses has marrie an non-Isrealits!


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