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The Seventh-day Adventist church by evaluation through the scriptures is definitely the Remnant church in these last days.

Solely because they satisfy the requirements for being the remnant; thus they officially accept that all the ten commandments should be kept(including the Holy Sabbath) and also have the spirit of prophecy.

What then is the advantage of being the remnant church and what impact does it have on its members?

Help me out in answering this question.

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I don't know what you mean. That's just my reply to what Mark T said.
NONE whats so ever
The Holy Spirit seals us and leads us to all truth not adventist. If you have the holy spirit and you follow the lamb wherever He goes, then you have the advantage over anyone in any denomination.
You took the words right out of my mouth Jahdiel... absolutely NONE.

Christ has A CHURCH (not churches)which consist of all believers from all denominations as long as they followed the leading of the holy spirit.
Being the remnant church implies that we have a serious commitment as Seventh Day Adventists. We are to live our lives as representatives of a church that has a special mission: Bringing the gospel to all people of the World. This we can do especially by the way we live and send out messages of love to all people around us. We MUST be walking with Jesus and the Holy Spirit every minute of our lives and depict his features e.g. love, care and sharing to all!!
I don't think there is any advantage. Just more responsibilities and more arrows directed our way. The end times will be difficult for those who are true to God. They will not be easier for God's Church.
Guess I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that we have the following advantages, some of which may be subdivisions, some may not. In no particular order:

1. The writings of EGW;

2. The health message;

3. A proper understanding of prophecy, i.e. Daniel & Revelation;

4. An understanding of the Investigative Judgement/Sanctuary message, unique amongst all other denominations;

5. Restoration of the 10 Commandments, especially the 4th Commandment, to their rightful place;

6. The message of Righteousness by Faith.

I am referring to these in a general sense and if anyone wants to debate that we don't hold them correctly or universally the same or obey them properly, etc., etc. then I will be amongst the first to agree with you. However, the truth is that we have these things and other churches do not. So, to me, the advantage is there for us collectively. It is, of course, up to each one of us to lay hold of the advantages specifically and individually.
I agree John, this and more. If not for the Revelation Seminar I went to 28 years ago by Lyle Albrecht, I would still be clinging to various and sundry errors to include lopsided Sunday church attendance, pork at potluck, errors upon the state of the dead, no understanding of Daniel and Revelation, none of the deep endless theological insights I get from the writings of Ellen White. The list continues. God is to be praised for raising up the Adventist prophetic movement despite those on this site who downplay it.

Those who say there is no advantage probably do not study, nor can they explain Present Truth and basic prophecy.To say there is no advantage is ludicrous, What that is really saying is that it doesn't matter that God raised up a true church with no error, that true Bible doctrine doesn't matter. Quite obviously to God it does matter. His truth is absolute truth, God does not deal in error and lies.It always behooves us to imitate the Master in everything.

Most who are unconverted of course will despise this command:

2Ti 2:15 Study to show yourself approved to God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

2Ti 2:16 But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase to more ungodliness.
WE ARE A MOVEMENT, coming out of babylon, not a church.
We come out of many churches.
We seek truth, more than any other group.
We do not rely on our church affiliation to save us, but solely lean on God and Christ's robe of righteousness for redemption.
And, once we know God, we live this truth for Him, out of Love.
which is why i stated we are a movement, not a church. we should always seek truth, and when we find it,
live it. i am talking about all who love God, not all adventists.
Excellent Post. Some of these things are painful to hear about what has happened to our church ... but it is true and necessary to hear . We do need to change our focus.
thanks, Michael, we can always count on you to bring out the negativism among the tares. After reading this, I may want to hang my head in shame and renounce Christ and the church. Not!

What about the victory over death and sin that Jesus gives us? Now that I know present truth, thanks to the Advent movement and God's leading for that, now my love for God increases exponentially because I know He doesn't burn sinners in hell forever. I understand the beautiful sanctuary truth. Daniel and Revelation? Simply stunning and eye-opening, all thanks to God, and the Adventist pioneers who sometimes spent entire nights in Bible study and prayer. Ellen White? Words cannot express my love and gratitude to God for giving us such wonderful clarifications, visions of heaven, counsel on everything that amplifies Scripture.

The health message? No other church has these blessings from God! We should be aware of course that Satan will lead in a thousand directions. A careful study of the parable of the wheat and the tares in Matt. 13, as well as the corresponding study in Christs Object Lessons, will give us deep understanding why most church members and pastors are apart from real Christianity. This study has brought much peace into my own life, as well as other studies upon end time events.

However, some will continue to place the worlds values upon the church, not realizing these things are spiritually discerned. I see nothing to be so negative over. Whoever decides that they really want heaven will be there.


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