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Can you help me make a list? We can't be studying the Bible all the time. We need to be able to kick back and enjoy. Any ideas?

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1 have socials 2 movie nights 3. skating night and the list goes on and on.
Thanks guys and gals. This is a good start.
Wonderful list. Thank you.
hiking, playing limited sports, (but not shelling out a hundred bucks to play a round of golf) parks, sight-seeing, playing an instrument, be careful with malls, shopping, amusement parks, no movies, no TV, no theatrics, walking the dog, (if I had one now) riding my friends dirt bike, cooking veggie burgers by the lake, surfing the 'net, (careful with that one too) carpenter work, (used to be my trade, but now the few precious moments are fun and relaxing) teasing the neighbors little annoying dog that once sneaked up behind me and bit me in the leg!

calling the police on my neighbors when they get into their vehicles and drive drunk, when I hear screaming and cursing from my desk, I know it's one of them trying to figure out how to open their truck door! (I just wish the cops could actually catch them!)
It's no wonder the dog bit you with the way you were annoying it.

But I do have to declare you a party pooper .... NO TV and NO Movies. Come on ... Lighten up man. If you don't that dog will bite you again. They can tell when someone is uptight.
Listening to music,reading books,movies,going to the beach and eating out... that's what i do to relax.
Any thing that makes us happy without making us sin against GOD.
A good start:
Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.Philippians 4:8

being in nature is all that, and more. it helps us connect with God. i love to take photos, hike, be very quiet and listen for wildlife, and watch them. i cross country ski, sometimes at midnight under the stars, and enjoy a bonfire and hot chocolate after. here in northern michigan we like to have bonfires and conversation.
How come no one is talking about swimming!
swimming is being in nature. nothing wrong with it. :)
Hmmm. I was taught that on Sabbath you could only go in as far as your knees.
who said anything about Sabbath? :)


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