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Can you help me make a list? We can't be studying the Bible all the time. We need to be able to kick back and enjoy. Any ideas?

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swimming is being in nature. nothing wrong with it. :)
Hmmm. I was taught that on Sabbath you could only go in as far as your knees.
who said anything about Sabbath? :)
You saved my day.
Nature Study and Photography
How about death defying amusements? It is ok? sky diving, free falling, rock climbing. I want to know if there are principles compromised when doing this.
Is it good trying to die? Just to have something to do? What would be the purpose?
Firefighters and policemen stand in danger every day, but for the purpose of protecting others.

If we seek something to do that makes us more aware, how about facing our fears, and overcoming them in a way that edifies us and our neighbor, like being a bold witness for Christ, seeing needs and helping to fill them.
Being a missionary for Christ wherever you are is exciting, makes your heart pound, and in some instances, is dangerous. The purpose however, is well worth it; to bring Christ to every soul.
Thanx shay, Besides it compromise the principles of stwardship and economy. To simply train in those activities will cost my three months salary, how much more going into it. I might sin in my spending.
The principle is .... if it thrills .... if fits the bill.


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