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Most Christians think once they are saved by Jesus, their growing in Him can relax, so they relax in prayer and Bible study and neglect to witness. What are exactly the ongoing daily Steps to Christ?

How can we be sure like the foolish virgins waiting for Jesus daily, that our Holy Spirit oil doesn't run out?

The greatest book on this subject is Ellen White's Steps to Christ.

Steps to Christ


1 God's Love for Man 9

2 The Sinner's Need of Christ 17

3 Repentance 23

4 Confession 37

5 Consecration 43

6 Faith and Acceptance 49

7 The Test of Discipleship 57

8 Growing Up Into Christ 67

9 The Work and the Life 77

10 A Knowledge of God 85

11 The Privilege of Prayer 93

12 What to Do with Doubt 105

13 Rejoicing in the Lord 115

Here is the book with links to the chapters and words from the White Estate. I recommend reading them again and again. When I was a youth I asked God where in Scripture found in one Bible passage are the same Steps to Christ as listed in EGW's book ? Wouldn't this be the greatest need for all believers in Jesus? Are we sure we are doing everything correctly?

Here is the challenge, as the steps are packaged into similar themes:-

1 The Sinner's Need of Christ

2 Repentance

3 Confession 3 Consecration 3 Faith and Acceptance

4 The Test of Discipleship 4 Growing Up Into Christ


appendix The Work and the Life

appendix A Knowledge of God

appendix The Privilege of Prayer

appendix What to Do with Doubt

appendix Rejoicing in the Lord

I believe there are four ongoing daily steps to Jesus and these exactly parallel the four attitudes of the ten commandments, our love response to GOD. I have not met anybody able anywhere is Scripture to list the chronological steps of salvation in one Bible passage. The passage is found in the Book of Jesus. Pardon the spelling, but we have lost the spelling of Hebrew words over the years....Jesus is spelt in Hebrew Joshua, and while there is no "J" in Hebrew, alternative spelling is "H" the way individuals are saved by Jesus is found in the book of Yoshua or Hoshea. The book is an allegory of Jesus as a shepherd marrying us as people who commit adultery daily while married to Jesus...It is the same problem in Laodicea we are empowered by Satanic propensities and Jesus, but we have to decide which Master is ruling over our soul each day.

Salvation begins as a seed.

At first the seed needs you only to take it, and be willing to let is germinate. Such power needs no further effort from you, and you are justified by the Seed growing in you. For indeed salvation is free, yet cost God and infinite sacrifice to provide this potential power to you.

Once the seedling is growing there are TWO comforters which help the salvation process, the Holy Spirit empowers the need for water and food which you must eat from Bible study, or studying Jesus work from Nature or light from other people glorifying Jesus, and you have Jesus, who transforms your body into the meeting places of the Father each day...this cycle happens each day and is ongoing...the purpose is to complete you for enduring the holiness of GOD forever without exhaustion.

The daily ongoing steps we do every day, ensures we are present continuously saved by Jesus, what are these steps I must do each day ?

(1) I AM your SAVIOUR. Be willing to let me in daily, not proud.

(2) I AM your COVERING. Be humble and study what you have lost.

(3) I AM your POWER. Be meek in the use of my powerful character when you pray.

(4) I AM your FRUIT. Let me share my fruit in you with others, as we witness.

Can a seedling survive without water ? Not for long...if the fruits on a tomato are not picked and given away, the tomato begins to die because it is full of its own productive keep fruit coming we have to give away Jesus fruit developed in us...The quality of fruit developed is directly proportional to the vernalisation (tribulation ) coming over us, the best fruits are formed when the plant suffers tribulation most. I have found that when you are truly humble, ye are not without affliction.

Those who want to investigate these steps in greater yet simple style can do so on this link, a website of mine that explains the Steps to Jesus.  On the first page, the links for each step take you on a journey for those wanting to seek a deeper relationship with Jesus.

God bless those creating Gardens of Paradise in their souls every day until the Gardener comes to take us home to continue even more gardening with Him in peace. Amen

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Does anybody have a Bible passage that lists ALL the Steps to Jesus in chronological order, as presented EGW Steps to Christ ?

(1)The sinners need

(2) Repent

(3) Confession and Acceptance

(4) The test of discipleship and growing up in Christ

Some of the wordings can change , you get the idea. I remember Morris Vendon audio tapes presented a nice series on the Steps to Christ, but never showed all steps in one Bible passage, as it does in Hosea 14:1,2.

I can't remember his list, perhaps someone will remember them...

Happy Sabbath


this thread is great!

one of the ways is working on in my walk is to capture every thought to the obediance of Christ

what He says about me

and what He saysabout every person i come across

a lot of GRACE must be extended to the spouse and to the guy who cuts you off in traffic

To have  the Holy Spirit interrupt my thinking with His Love and forgiveness to others is changing my way of thinking

its not us verses them

its CHRIST in all Ephesians 4

I am supremely humbled and standin awe when GOD inserts HIM into my mind and heart at any given notice

pray that i always accept :)



BTW  Cherie Peters is working on a STEPS to CHRIST  based on her first season of Celibate Recovery on 3ABN for addictions and co dependency and such such such

# the actual steps outlined in EGW book

Your a gem MFG it seems few are indeed interested in the Science of Salvation....

But I too have a problem with controlling thoughts, does anybody have a Bible text one can claim

So Jesus can make me holy this Sabbath, my theme for this Sabbath is controlling my thoughts...

At night when I wake up for toilet run, the brain doesn't shut up and rattles on and I find it hard to go back to sleep....There is a text, control your thoughts in the Bible, but HOW?

I need a Bible seed promise for this, and to practice this promise in prayer and mediation....

I wonder how many understand what the Science of Salvation is all about ?

God bless your ministry MFG

Happy Sabbath


 hi rob !

 God bless you!

 i know it sounds cliche but this chapter always calms my thoughts and fills me with his goodness to me ..


and it spills over onto others!

Psalm 23

King James Version (KJV)

23 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever

Your a gem MFG it seems few are indeed interested in the Science of Salvation....

In fact I not sure people know what the Science of Salvation means?

God bless you and keep you safe



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