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     Actually mean? 

 Does it mean we are to be cold hearted to the one that gives us a gift and love the gift but ignore the one that gives it?  I been told  the goats are those that expect to be thanked  for giving something and I do not agree. .

  , who can shed more light on this saying? The way I see it  as put in scriptures and magnified we show our love by giving and by showing our appreciation  .


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I have learned that it means that when I give or do something for somebody I should not divulge it or tell about it to anyone to gain the confidence, respect, or any other credit for myself; or on the other hand to destroy the reputation of the recipient of my good deed.


HMMM LET ME SEE  . are their not other passages that can explain this in easier terms to understand?. We all are different in giving according to our love and to what is show offish to one is just love practices to another in how I see it./

  IF I am investing in the life of a loved one or loved ones am I not to expect an return on my investment?  WHEN  IS  THE  love  You show also to be returned? I  am reminded of the time  Jesus was invited to eat at a certain pharisees  dinner   and a unexpected  n univited guest showed up too and opened a  Alabaster box containing expensive perfume and annointed  his feet an head along with her tears and dried his feet with her hair..

  Judas complained openly of the waste of money but THE pharisee in his mind was thinking this woman was such a sinner and should  J esus not know of this too and should she not be rebuked ?  .

  THEN Jesus perceiving that  he needed an abject lesson that would soften his heart told  the parable of 2 sinners that owed a great sum of money to a king both were forgiven of their debt and jesus asked which one would be the more happy and show their appreciation?.  He answered back Isuppose theone the owed the most and Jesus replied yes well Ientered your home and noone was available to wash my feet and yet this woman  has non stopped showered me with anonitment both to my feet and my head. ..   IT was a silent rebuke  that the pharisee had been cured of his affliction and should of shown more grace and this poor sinner also was showing her love  openly and mercy was needed and   taht is far better than legalisim yes or no?

  I am paraphrasing here a  wee  bit I   now but somehow in my mind   it fits  Nuff sed!

If you only seek to invest in someone DO NOT do it to be reimburse by them, it may never happen.  Do you remember when Jesus healed the 10 lepers, only one return to give Him thanks before he shew himself to the priest.  Weren't the other 9 still healed, did he take back the healing, no.  Jesus was glad, when He was thanked but He didn't do it for the personal thanks but that His father would be glorified and the lepers relieved.  So what's your motive?  Do you want the praise and the glory for blessing others with what God has blessed you with, so that the whole world will know who put them there or give them that.   But really what or who's the source of your "wealth"?
Quite the contrary. Jesus was just saying when you bless others do not broadcast it.  It wasn't talking about the receiver but the giver.  Do not give gifts to be praise by other men, you'll just be a politician.  As a Christian you give because He has blessed you and Paul says "It is more blessed to give than to receive."  But at the same time the recipient should say thank you in what ever way they choose.  However they don't have to broadcast it or even say thanks.  Which is why Jesus says if you do it secretly our Heavenly Father  who sees in secret will bless us openly(Matt 6:3,4).  We all like to be appreciated for whatever note-worthy we do but if we aren't shown that appreciation by man, God promises to show His appreciation, and that's what count.  My question for each of us is: Do we show our appreciation to Him daily for what He has done and continues to do for us and those around us?  He likes to hear our praises and thanksgiving.

Thank you Yokey!, I'm totally with you. I just happen to like the stirring question of  Br. Murray, but didn't have the time to elaborate as you have done it. You have given very good biblical examples and over all a very clear exposition. Yes, most of the time we get hurt when we are not apreciated by our good deeds.and that's the reason why we have to remember the experience of Jesus with the ten leppers to accept with humility the lack of grattitude of the other nine. It's the only way to comfort ourselves when that happen to us too.


 OK I want to elaborate a bit further . their   a couple tha t b e in a relationship   and  the fiance had been supporting his lady. now the y intend to marry and the expense to have  his woman be with him is high with all the medical tests etc. ,  IN AMERICA U HAVE TO PAY A LAWYER  AND THE GOVERMENT i been through this process myself.  EXCUSE ME   but where does showing your love and appreciation for the sacrffices made come in at or is none  applicable>>??  I remember many times  in the bible and yes the ten lepers is just 1 example of  non appreciation from those that should of known better.,  WE ALSO HAVE MARY MAGDELINE WHO HAD FALLEN INTO PROTISTUTION A  number of times and her gratitude was clearly a unique example  of  gratitude and praise.   ARE WE TOO PROUD TODAY TO ACKNOWLEDGE SOMEONES GENOROUSITY TOWARDS US TODAY AND SAY OH IT WAS NO BIG DEAL ?

   King  DAVID MADE  A  promise to show kindness an favor to johnathans kin  methphiboseth   who was  a cripple and   DAVID   Gave him aspecial place of reconition eating at the kings table and also gave to him land and servants to care for it .

  IS  GRATITUDE TODAY  AND SHOWING THANKS SO HARD FOR MANY TODAY?  IS NOT INGRATITUDE A SIN THEN? I am reminded also of  luicifer highly exalted among the angels and adored and yet   he wanted more . appreciation for what he was given was not enough was it .?


. oh  1 more example  do u remember   Naman the leper  the syrian captain of the kings army?  HE WANTED TO GIVE ELIJAQH  CASH FOR HIS HEALING AND  IT WA S REFUSED , . MAY I add  that  we enjoy getting things  today  but how is it  genuine appreciation  is not seen as it should be ?/ .

 yes I now  I  guilty   of negligence of not showing genuine  appreciation for all Christ has done for me too   much more than  I have,

I'm sorry Br. Murray if my opinion made you decide that I support the ungrateful and proud. That was not my point. In fact, I;m with you when it comes to acknowledge in gratitude the good deeds of the others. I'm with you when you compare the ungrateful to have a proud attitude. I also do not aproved their ingratitude. They should acknoledge the giver!!!. I hope you don't think that now I'm contradicting myself. I 'm also with you in labeling this attiude to Lucifer. And I' ll go further in saying that such people who are ungrateful are on the side of the enemy(Lucifer). But we as children of God are advice to not let the right hand know what the left hand is doing. In other words we should not broadcast the good deeds we are doing( unless when necessary); for by doing it we my be a stumbling block to others( they might think we are showing off). We must remember that whatever we do in secret God will expose it to public at the right time.

 it no big deal see? who actually cares today anyway?  I once remember  the Adventist church being called the caring church and it seems today  it has changed  and instead of caring and sharing today it become stuck in 3 patterns 1  of  fomalisim stuck in the ways  in which u were vrought up a form of religion  that does not bother to search and grow up spiritually the other may be called legalisim  recite scriptures etc and stick to the vegatarian diet  which is healthy for sure but by an in itself wont save anyone, the 3 rd  pattern  I may of made up in my mind  but maybe it all to prevelant  its sinful habits  of the past u have not entirely found  victory in so  being a effective witness is not strong and holds little power too, l   am thinking maybe a change of direction is not needed in your way of seeing it?

  The sheep and the goats . wheat an tears  oh my  ,  Never  mind Sir JUlio I am nobody  just thinking out loud here ,  WHEN it comes to weiting in  the Forum I never give  ny opinion I seek to see what is wwritten instead. I know I am  not in a position where  I can say others need to listen  ,, . 

 naybe ingratitude is  the more prevelant than is easily seen   an I just do not want this sin to be recorded next ro my name   .. LOOK backwards  brothers an d sisters at times in your life when others helped u out when u really needed it how did u show your gratitude then??

I think what the original poster had in mind was not the question of acknowledging the fact that somebody has helped you, but instead the one who is giving the help broadcasting the knowledge of his actions. e..g. giving large sums of money in a public way like the Pharisees who poured lots of money into the treasury, making sure that everybody was watching them.


Saying "Thank you for helping me in my time of need, brother, and may the Lord reward and bless you!" is quite different from "Look at me! I'm making a generous donation! And I fully expect to be recognized for it, and have the project named after me, and sit on the board and have a say in how the work is to be conducted!"


Anyway, on  a lighter note, the phrase "let not your right hand know what your left is doing" is one scripture which constantly comes into my mind when I am practicing the piano. ;-)



Many times we wait to be appreciated by those whom we would have gone out of our way to bless but it never comes.  That's why Jesus said that our Heavenly Father who sees in secret will bless us openly.  Br Murray do you know that Isaiah had a similar problem (Isaiah 49:4) "Then I said, I have laboured in vain, I have spent my strength for nought, and in vain: yet surely my judgement is with the Lord, and my works with my God." KJV.   I do understand it hurts but if you focus on the ingratitude you miss out the blessing of giving, you know "blessed are the merciful".  Give looking back for nothing from anyone but God and you will see how light and bountiful your joy will be.  I believe you have time to read some, try Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing, E.G White. It helps.

yes  Iam well aware of the pretentious attitude of the Pharisees in giving money and being reconized for it.. . I agree that this is phony but in what Iam refering too is when u sacrifice for  family and go out of your way to provide  for their needs  even at the hardship of your own expense is this being selfish  to expect  gratitude instead of being ignored?

 where does gratitude and genuine love come into place for those that do this in our lives  repeatily and  yet many are walked  on and is said  u are not to expect anyhthing back for you are to give and not let the right hand know what the left hand be doing??

   In my mind I SEE  it as it is selfishness  self centered and ungrateful for all the love someone has showed. Iam thinking backwards in time at this moment too at my youth a nd what I took for granted and todays world is far worse even in those growing up in the Church and being spiritually  fed daily .. why  is it  that they seem to have  such a  ungrateful attitude then those in the world? 

Those in the  world sometimes are more equipped  to show gratefulness then those that are supposed to know more. IT simply amazes me at how scriptures are used today t o cover up ingratitude, /  SORRY  that is how I am seeing it !

 Is it possible to be in Lov ewith Christ andbe or have ungratefulness to those that show time after time their love for your well being?  ARE  hearts growing colder and our reasoning  also ?/


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