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I had a beautiful day at Church on Sabbath, God moving in people's lives.  I even shed tears.    

Had a meeting after and it just seemed like the day would not end.  I finally arrived home after 9:00 p.m and was so tired.  I laid in my bed and fought to stay awake.   I kept feeling a need to get in the shower but drifted off.   I am not sure how long I was asleep but I awoke to feel myself rolling on the floor.   I tried to stop the fall, but I was sitting on the floor, mad, so now I have to go in the shower.  

Next thing I hear is I need you to be ready to move.  I finally finished my shower and searched the scriptures for a chapter to read.  I ended up on 2 Chronicles, 25, and as I prayed for understanding of what I was about to read, I also asked for a revelation of what was happening, why did I fall on the floor?  I opened my eyes and began to read, and I believe it was no more than a minute that I received a WhatsApp message that said someone shot multiple times.  I heard from the Spirit, there is your answer.   I continued to read Bible, and it was about Amaziah who was a king, obeyed the Lord sometimes but not all times.

This morning I found myself at the bedside of the person who was shot, praying for him for healing, recovery and comfort as I could see he was upset and scared.     God spoke to me, I am not crazy.   He also showed me the collation with the events that were taking place and how the chapter I was reading applied to this young man's life.

God will speak to you, just listen.   I am sure that God will finish the work in that young man, cause I was just the vessel.   He wants to use him for many things.  But just God, he wants to help some of you too.  Please understand what his plans are.

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Pastor T,please reread my post.    Never once did I say I was a prophet.   Never once.   Remember The Holy Spirit will speak to all who will listen.   He will use anyone who will allow Him to use them.  

If Holy Spirit told you I am a prophet you better be careful of what you do because He does not like for you to attack his Prophets, I know that much.  Be very careful Pastor T.   The purpose of the post was to show how God uses us and how we all have a work to do for His Kingdom, and how he will speak to you.  I will contiue to pray for you.

Many people have had this happen and thank you for sharing.  In times of need the Holy Spirit can prompt us to help those in need. If we cannot believe that the Holy Spirit can lead us in such a way, then there is little we can believe in.  How many times has God's providence lead us and we did not even know until we look back at where we have been?  

Hello In Need of Prayer,   

Thank you for sharing and allowing yourself to be led by the Holy Spirit. 

My understanding is the Holy Spirit of Jesus speaks to us all the time, you need only be humble to allow this communication channel to be audible....and often I ask The Holy Spirit, how do I know Jesus is speaking to me, and the Holy Spirit speaks back, by their fruit ye shall know....

Thank for your testimony



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