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What is it that you are eating. Talk about it.

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Avoid Canada. LOL

Bart is it only in Canada that this andother atrocities happen?

The fish part was funny. I always wondered if stuff like that happened since fillets can be hard to distinguish.   Surprised they didn't talk about the carbon monoxide some shippers put in theirs to keep it looking fresh.  Also heard of some butchers spraying that and I believe peroxide to keep their meat looking red.  In another video they showed them dipping old meat in fresh blood to make it look fresh.

The other meat was unsettling but I recently lived in a country where their normal markets are outside in the open air (flies etc) Most of the meat there was too lean to try to cook it the way many westerners prefer.  It's ironic how a lot of western countries now want to criticize some of the processes the video identified when most of them only started because of lawsuits etc from a relatively few people who got sick.

If there wasn't such a huge overly dramatic reaction in the media every time someone got sick from eating things from market you'd likely still see more natural foods at relatively low prices.  In the USA you have to put not for human consumption on some things that haven't been inspected by FDA. There are a bunch of small farms around the area I live in and they are forced to do that on some of the products they sell at farmers market.  I believe larger companies don't want to risk loosing entire farmed crops and livestock to disease so they just use the approved FDA preservative methods to avoid getting sued and having to throw out large quantities of natural food because of the rare occurrence someone gets sick.  Better to just kill'em and make them sick slowly with preservatives and other additives which to be fare some may not have been aware of when they were approved.

Now those scientific methods used to "approve" those preserving methods are starting to fail because the observation period was flawed.

There were a couple other good videos that came up after the one you shared.  I recommend the "Best before dates" video also if you didn't watch it.

Thank you Rabbit. All I want to say to my family worldwide; STOP EATING DEAD FLESH. Go to Gods original intended diet for humanity.


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