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Dear Friends,
Do you know that life is all about our relationship to one another. Life is not about individualism, but group, not about me, but us, not about you(singular), but you (plural). Therefore let us maintain healthy relationship among ourselves, and be our brothers and sisters keeper. Regardless of different in color, nationality, ethnicity, religion, status, and all differences we are all one. I believe that life is not how great you live, but how best you live toward the purpose of your existence on this earth.

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What is life?

"It is His life that we receive in the sunshine, in the pure, sweet air and in the food which builds up our bodies and sustains our strength. It is by His life that we exist, hour by hour, moment by moment. Except as perverted by sin, all His gifts tend to life, to health, and joy." Education,197,198.

This is an inspired definition of what "life" is as far as our physical nature is concerned.

As to our spiritual nature, "Righteousness is love and love is the light and the life of God," and "The life of God in the soul is man's only hope." M.B.18; M.H.115.

To have righteousness is to have lthe life of God and to have the life of God is to have Christ formed within the hope of glory. If we are one with Him we will not have to depend upon what we can do or what we will do for Christ accomplishes everything. It is not enough to ask or to tell how we should live our lives. The all important thing is to become one with Christ by daily appropriating His merits to ourselves, then all His promises to us will be fulfilled and we shall behave as God expects us to behave among ourselves and before Him.

Fair enough? :)

"Unless he makes it his lifebusiness to behold the uplifted Saviour and to accept the merits which it is his privilege to claim (the merits of Christ), the sinner can no more be saved than Peter could walk upon the water unless he kept his eyes fixed steadily upon Jesus." Testimonies to Ministers,93.

This is the truth as it is in Jesus. This is the way of everlasting life!


"Although we have no merit in ourselves, in the great goodness and love of God we are rewarded as if the merit were our own. When we have done all the good we can possibly do, we are still unprofitable servants. We have done only what was our duty. What we have accomplished has been wrought solely through the grace of Christ, and no reward is due to us from God on the ground of our merit. But through the merit of our Saviour, every promise that God has made will be fulfilled, and every man will be rewarded according to his deeds." {RH, June 27, 1893 par. 15}
of course it is beautiful!!! hey i borrowed that quote from you just as you have borrowed some from me on the merits of Christ! hehe
life is-I, smiling in the morning at the sunrise,thanking God for keeping me safe during the is-I,smiling befoure i fall asleep,thanking God for His love.then life is all it happen during the day between me and my living God.
Life is a period between birth and death... It is an opportunity from God that we may know and feel His unconditional love and to share it with others...
Any body from the popular churches can tell you that, even the churches that constitute Babylon. As a people we need to know more than that. We need to understand the science of salvation like no other people upon the face of the earth. God's love is unconditional but that does not mean that there are no conditions but praise God, the only condition is that we hunger and thirst for His love and His guidance and this hungering and thirsting are the gifts of God by impressing His Spirit upon the human mind and the Spirit leads us to understand that unless we make it our life business to look to Jesus and to appropriate His merits to ourselves, we cannot benefit because it is the only faith that will benefit us.

"The only faith that will benefit us is that which embraces Him as a personal Saviour, which appropriates His merits to ourselves." D.A.347.

Why? because as we get into the habit of cllaiming the merits of Christ we are clothed with the full armor of God and we become a fortress impregnable to the assaults of Satan. See A.A.11 and D.A.324.

That is what life is all about!



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