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What is prelife before birth? is it Biblical?

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Not for humans

For Christ yes

Revelation 13:8b ........ book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

Be careful Ian. Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. Jeremiah being spoken to by the Almighty in Jeremiah 1:5

Preknowledge is not same as preexistence as far as I know Carl

There is no prelife. Jeremiah 1:5 is simply saying that God knew how he would form us before he did. That he knew our character before we were made. It does not mean that we were alive before being conceived. 

Amen Thank you Ezra

I guess i had a misunderstanding of what the term prelife even is lol my bad

No worries Carl have a happy Sabbath my friend

Although not the intention of the original topic - your statement isn't as evident as you make it seem. And making it an issue of politics won't add a grain of truth to your opinion.

In fact the Bible frequently refers to the unborn as a living being. One notable verse is Jeremiah 1:5 that Carl quoted above. It says that God knows us even before our formation in the womb. Now while this does not address the issue of a pre-life I would say it suggests that at formation in the womb we are considered to exist and live. Similarly, God speaks to Rebekkah and says that there are two nations in her womb. In fact, the unborn battle in the womb. And Elisabeth's unborn child felt joy. Hardly possible if they aren't alive - and in fact similar evidence that we use to prove the Holy Spirit's personality.

Today, birth does not really determine life that much: Premature birth may take place as much as 16 weeks before tem or just after half of the normal pregnancy and the baby can live before its life was supposed to begin. In case of twins one may be born early while the other one is not alive yet? Pro-life or pro-choice should not be our motivation for interpreting the Bible - or reality...

David, Salomon is very clear about the state of the dead: They know nothing, don't love, hate, envy or do anything that is done under the sun. But this is not how the unborn life is described. Instead they fight (in the case of Jacob and Esau), they leap for joy (John the Baptist). So can we agree that the unborn are not dead?

Interesting point you bring up is Exodus. Under certain conditions (and Exodus 21 does not talk about causing a miscarriage it is about accidentally causing it) the accidental death of a slave was punishable with a ransom also.

You have not addressed other points I have made so let me ask you, are you using a single passage in a unique case - that of Adam being created from dead matter - to establish a point which is contrary to anything modern science tells us? Christian faith is made fun of for that reason, brother.

Its also ridiculous to believe that a baby can be conceived without sperm. And yet Jesus was. Why is it so hard to believe that a baby can feel emotion? 

I see.  So, we shouldn't hurt wittle cute animals for food, but we should murder a viable human life?  That is absurd.

Than I guess John was not alive when he leap win the womb when Mary met Eliabeth? Life begins at conception, regardless of what anyone wants to believe.


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