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Please share with us .... the best drawing of Jesus that you have seen.

How is Jesus represented in this drawing? Who is the artist?

What are the most important characteristics of a picture of Jesus?

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This is my favorite. I'm not sure who the artist is.

I love the openness, the love, the peace expressed in His face in this picture.
I also like Smiling Jesus by Dan Haggerty (actor who played Grizzly Adams!)

Jim Arrabito's painting of Jesus in glory pointing to the New Jerusalem - beautiful picture. The expression on His face is that of a best friend/elder brother,.. painted very well.

Got from webshot, portray Jesus ,Our Lamb of Sacifice..
This picture portrays the Divine character of God, and i think is the best. Thanks Steven.

Also this...Jesus loves little children...
This one is good too...",

This one is cooler because Jesus' face in here is so calm...Something that expresses peace and love...",..He looks like just human...",
I've been looking at this picture. I can't help but really appreciate its beauty. There was something in it that I can't explain. It's calmness speaks like a river...I remember the song "It's well with my soul" which started a line that reads...when peace like a river....
I love this one too because it portrays Jesus' love for children..",

Hey all .... you are doing SO good. What wonderful pictures of our Saviour.

Can it get any better? I dunno. But thanks for what you have done so far.


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