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Please share with us .... the best drawing of Jesus that you have seen.

How is Jesus represented in this drawing? Who is the artist?

What are the most important characteristics of a picture of Jesus?

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What beautiful pictures. You all seem to have an archive of pictures of Jesus.

To me, the most important characterics are the facial features depicting meekness and sincerity and the traditional garb.
Yes, I agree with you on that stand Sis. Merlinda. Truly, Jesus Himself is the picture of hope, faith, love and grace..",
This is my choice
Painted by Harry Anderson, this shows Jesus as a boy in the temple talking to the learned men of his time.
"Christ of the Narrow Way" artist Elfred Lee. This floor to ceiling mural based on Ellen White's first vision, extends to the entire length of a 30ft wall in the world headquarters building of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Silver Spring, Maryland. It was commissioned by the Whit Estate in 1989 and completed in 1991. I haven't actually seen it myself but I do have the literature associated with it and some copies of the mural and there are indeed beautiful.

In reflecting on Christ's story of the lost sheep, Ellen White said that one representation is our world. Here is an artist's rendition of that concept. I do not know who painted this one.

Wow...this one is nice too...The concept is unique because it signifies true love of Jesus to the world especially its people. He's just like carrying a child that is so much protected from any harm or danger...",
And look at His tender gaze!
If are collecting pictures of Jesus (I do!) here are three bust pictures to add to your file.


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