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Please share with us .... the best drawing of Jesus that you have seen.

How is Jesus represented in this drawing? Who is the artist?

What are the most important characteristics of a picture of Jesus?

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Oh now *that* is a good picture... love that.
Now that's a picture pregnant with message! It made me think, think, think! His coming is sooner than we like to think.
I do think there is no picture of jesus that i accept as HE , these pictures that artists draw to portray jesus
i clasify all of them as idols so whenever i see them i am not pleased about it, some people worship them kneeling down and praying to them and so on, i believe it is wrong for christians especially adventist who knew the scriptures to have a picture of a man they depict as JESUS and worship it , so there is no one of them that i would say looks like him.thats my oppinion.i worship HIM in spirit and in truth.
As far as I can tell, NO ONE here is worshiping images of Christ. These are not idols. And since that is the only thing counseled against in scripture or the SOP, I see no problem with having pictures of Christ that inspire us. If they don't inspire you, it is quite fine for you to not look at them. But you not enjoying them does not make it a sin for others to enjoy them.

As quoted earlier in this thread, Ellen White says that pictures are fine and not idols of themselves. We could make them idols, but I don't think that is what is happening here.

God bless!
Wesley. Since none of these pictures looks like the Jesus you know of ... how about sharing your image of Jesus. Would really appreciate seeing your idea of Jesus. Thanks.


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