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Question: "What is the Book of Jubilees and should it be in the Bible?"

The Book of Jubilees, sometimes called the “Lesser Genesis,” was probably written in the 2nd century BC and records an account of the biblical history of the world from the creation to Moses. The book divides history into periods or “jubilees” of 49 years. Generally, the Book of Jubilees follows the account of creation as recorded in the Book of Genesis, but provides interesting details such as names of Adam’s daughters.

The only complete version of the Book of Jubilees is written in Ethiopian, though most scholars believe that it was originally written in Hebrew. There are some fragments existing today in Greek and Latin, but nowhere near a complete book in either language.

Perhaps the most obvious reason for the book was the author’s preoccupation with advocating a solar calendar based on days and months rather than on the Jewish, lunar-based calendar. In fact, some scholars have pointed out that it appears the book was written exactly for that purpose—to push the author’s idea that the solar-based calendar more accurately represents the 49 years and provided for a better understanding of prophecy. If that is true, then the Book of Jubilees may well have merely been an attempt to show how the solar calendar better fits in the biblical account of time and prophecy.

As for whether the Book of Jubilees should be in the Bible, we must first recognize the fact that God is the One at work in the Scriptures, and if He wanted the Book of Jubilees as a part of Scripture, no man (or Satan) could have prevented it. Hundreds and hundreds of years of Christian (and Jewish) scholars have labored to ensure that the Holy Scriptures remain true and untainted. Part of the problem with the Book of Jubilees is that so little remains of original writings that there is no way to determine if the book as it now exists is the same book that was originally written. This is one huge reason that the Book of Jubilees fails the standards of the canon of Scripture.


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Seeing Brother Paul has closed his discussion on the Luni sabbaths, where he made much of the Book of Jubilee I thought we should have a closer look at this book.


I agree Rick, the Bible only, but how do we read our Bibles.... in English translations?

For example, what is the Bible definition for "faith". It's important because we are saved by the grace of GOD through our "faith" whatever that term means...



I agree as well... The Bble and only the Bible.... 

Paul wrote: "That is your opinion, and yet again not backed by a shred of evidence.
I think it is time to close down this discussion."

 Yes, brother Paul tell us we don't have a shed of evidence, when it's him that really doesn't have a shred of evidence to prove his lunar sabbath theory... and has to use something other than the Bible to prove it. Paul's  interpretation of Deut.16:8 is totally made up to fit what he teaches.

 The lunar sabbath theory is just that,  a theory. The teaching is a Fraud! The little horn has to take a step back and be impressed with what brother Paul is trying do, because not even the little horn has the audacity to try to changed the 7 day weekly cycle. But hey the devil is happy as long as we're not doing it GOD'S way. 


Hello, Rob long time since we did see you here hoping all is well with you. The question you are posing is to me best answered with this Bible text.

Heb 10:38  NOW THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH; BUT IF ANYONE DRAWS BACK, MY SOUL HAS NO PLEASURE IN HIM." 39  But we are not of those who draw back to perdition, but of those who believe to the saving of the soul. Heb 11:1  Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 


Greetings Elijah

I looked on the Internet to see if anybody knew how to have faith, and nobody has a Biblical concept along the pictures the Bible presents. I am interested in how to develop faith correctly to deepen my walk in Jesus. I was amazed no translations ( except the LXX once) shows the correct term, but uses other Hebrew words inconsistently.

Our problem is we read our Bibles in English, which makes the Hebrew meanings fuzzy.

One way to correct this problem is to read our Hebrew/English translator, which is why Jesus established the SOP for the end time days. The SOP uses the English word "faith", which is OK, but one needs to affirm what is meant by that term.

Here is what we have discovered on this OT and NT theme, very important because we are only saved by our Faith in Jesus.

Supporting Jesus

Sadly many see faith as belief? But the Scripture shows three pictures of faith:-

This picture comes from Angola in Namba Adventist Mission Station in modern times when suffering from drought times, Jesus sent man down to the earth. It tastes like honey and cake, and is white and sweet, if the followers of Jesus are special to Him. Shalom

This picture comes from Namba Mission showing the man which falls on Wednesdays and Fridays according to the President Pastor of the Conference. The red circles was added by the Author so the reader can see the wonder of Jesus. The Hebrew meaning for the word "Namba" is (Hebrew reads right to left) "Ab-Man" and in pictographs read: "The strong one in the Home, flows over the nations"; and in English means, "The Father, sends His Son" as bread to the earth for His humble people. The Name Namba is not a co-incidence, the Lord sends the bread on the just and the unjust, whether it be rain (symbol of Scripture) or manna (symbol of Jesus). Shalom

This picture shows Moses, Aaron and Hur, and uses the Hebrew word "faith", that is not translated in any Bible translation correctly. Here is the correct translation that fits all hundreds of verses that use this Hebrew word and other related words which also mean "faith" but actually mean "support".

This picture comes from Isaiah and is also not translated correctly even though it uses the Hebrew word "aman" which should also be translated as "faith", but is better translated as "support".

Jesus is the man, who supports us with His power daily, as bread from heaven; as words from His teachings. We need to support His Support, using His words as seed promises of His power, the hope for unseen power flowing in us daily. Shalom

Ro 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt Believe (Greek: pisteuo) in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. (KJV)

This is a poor English translation because it suggests "pisteuo" is a belief in something, not something you really do. Hebrew says otherwise. So what is the Sola Scriptoria definition of faith?

Thanks for your post, Rob, as you say Faith is important as we know we cannot be saved without it. As we can see on your post there are many aspects to faith. 

Thanks for your comment Reasoning Yes it is a shame Paul has closed his discussion maybe he has realized how faulty his arguments really are. When you need to use books that are not in the Bible there is clearly something not ringing true. The Bible is clear new moon Sabbaths is to be kept is it says in Isaiah but not even Isaiah tells us to replace the 7 days weekly Sabbath with the new moon. The Bible is clear on the 7 days Sabbath that has been kept since the Creation, and EGW endorses that in her writings also. 

There was another discussion here on the same subject and the poster I forget his name at the moment Paul was also in that discussion. What struck me then was how Mutinta was poking fun at the discussion and came with the example. 

That a man had just got the permission of his employer to Keep his Sabbaths then he asked the Employer again to now Keep new moon Sabbaths, I can not remember how the argument went exactly but it was really funny how he related the story.  


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