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What is the position of the SDA church concerning abortion? What is done with gestational tissue when an abortion is done at Loma Linda for example?

In light of the Planned Parenthood selling body parts what is the SDA's stance? 

Their distinctive rites include worshiping on Saturday, the seventh day of the week as opposed to Sunday, an emphasis on the Second Coming of Christ and an emphasis on following Jewish dietary laws concerning abstinence from pork, shellfish and other foods proscribed as “unclean” in the Old Testament. The denomination is known for its emphasis on health. Alcohol and tobacco are prohibited and many Adventists are vegetarians.

But the denomination may be the only theologically conservative Protestant group that allows elective abortions. Many of their own members didn’t know that their worldwide hospital network performed the procedure, which has been quite the discussion on the Adventists for Life Facebook page. A number of posters were shocked to learn the denomination’s stance.


Concerning Planned Parenthood’s repeated denials that they make any money from the exchange of body parts for cash, something that would be illegal under federal law, O’Donnell said, “For whatever we could procure, they would get a certain percentage. The main nurse was always trying to make sure we got our specimens. No one else really cared, but the main nurse did because she knew that Planned Parenthood was getting compensated.”

Without offering any proof, Richards repeatedly told Stephanopoulos that Daleiden’s group is part of the pro-life movement that has murdered abortionists and bombed abortion clinics. She also accused Daleiden’s group of editing the 2.5-hour videos, as if news organizations like ABC only ever run raw footage of interviews.

The first video, released only two weeks ago, showed a Planned Parenthood doctor casually eating her salad and sipping wine while talking about baby body parts. The video shocked the nation. The second video from last week showed another Planned Parenthood executive haggling over the price of baby body parts and joking that she wanted “a Lamborghini” in exchange for baby organs.

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I know Loma Linda has a world stance for treating cancer...they use surgery, chemo and radiation....

That is nowhere near want EGW wanted....nor does it align with Scripture....

So abortion policies would also follow the world


Most medical devices in use today did not exist in EGW's time, she would not have been in a position to recommend them.  

World-wide average lifespan has close to doubled since 1900, something is going drastically right.


Have you ever thought about what could have been if we had followed what the Bible says instead of those humanistic ways.

I have not found the text but it says that a man a 100 years would be like a youth.I know it was a conditional Prophecy but we can see what God could do if we but follow Him and  forsake the humanistic ways.

Isa 65:20 There shall be no more thence an infant of days, nor an old man that hath not filled his days: for the child shall die an hundred years old; but the sinner being an hundred years old shall be accursed.

The Bible says nothing about lasers and MRIs.  Even the few of us who follow Bible health principles still could get in an auto accident and need the diagnostic and surgical equipment.  Holistic medicine can only go so far.   Anyone is free to abstain from modern health care if they choose.  As a church we embrace modern health care and do research to continue to make it even better.

True Shannon because we have painted ourselves in this humanistic corner and its to late to get out of it. But Isaiah points to what could have been, If we had followed Gods  advice instead of our own self serving ways. Sometimes Shannon I wonder if we are not able to see past your nose.


Ian as usual you are flourishing in ignorance.

Ellen White was not a physician nor a medical expert. She relayed and good advice that she learned from other health experts, but it needs to be examined carefully. Abortion is sinful, and we should not be advocate s for it. It may be necessary in rare cases but never for birth control.

EGW Got her enlightenment From God not from worldly Health gurus. who was many times shown to be false. You say Abortion is sinful Congratulations you have one thing in common with the Bible and the RCC. 

Ian as much as many want to ignore the evidence/truth, her health message.was taken from others. So there are truths and errors. You can choose to believe whatever you desire, but truth will set you free.

I am glad you find abortion wrong but given any occasion you really have it in for Ellen White.  Do you have an Ellen White dart board at home?  

No Raymond not dart board, just a wall that I hit my head on occasion.

I have no issue with Ellen White, but serious issue with how she is used by many to justify error.


LOL, Leon you do keep your message on target.  God bless you hope you come around some day to peace with Mrs. White. 


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