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WHAT Are your favorite fruits and what is it about the taste that makes it your Favorite??

. is it unusual ? 

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smells like rotten onion

it has a very strong scent

but is delicioius

luv it

Don't let your fear slow you down. Good durian is quite sweet. Bad durian is awful. I liked it the first time.

I have heard so much about it.  I hope to try it some day.

Durian is an  acquired taste.  It does smell like a cross between rotten onions and a London sewer.

You need to try it a least five times.  After the fifth time you are "hooked"  and it is the best fruit that you have ever tasted!.. It  grows mainly in Southeast Asia and is also found in Thailand and the Philippines.  We have been invited out to Sabbath dinner tomorrow at the home of friends we knew when we lived in Singapore.  They have requested that WE bring Durian for dessert!!!!

 the Philippines  yes they have sme unusual tasting fruits..  I do not think Itasted this durian i hear alot about either their was this fruit that tasted funny  it was big and round n tasted sort of like marshmellows hah  i Not sure what it was alled though..  I had  tasted it about 2 years later n this time the taste was not as bad  kinda sweet .. Jack fruit ?/  ..  ha  I do not remember its name .  

Uncle Murray: If you have any Oriental markets near you they generally have flash-frozen Durian.

I wold suggest that you start out purchasing a small container of Durian in which the seeds have been separated and you can buy three or four for six to eight dollars.  The whole Durian unopened costs here in Orlando $1.99 lb.  which has gone down from $2.69... must be a good year. Depending on size it would cost anywhere from $10-20.  The last one I got was not the best I have bought....Nuff sed

i love vegies more than fruit

but i love Citrus and Berries

and i use tomatoes alot

waternellon hands down.

WHEN I WAS JUST A WEE LAD  the watermelon  was so huge n sweet  yes  Ikniw thta was like eons go  lol    Uknow  Ilike this post  it kinda fun listening to others  talk about something other than just doctrine.. ..   it gpod to laugh n let your hair down.   well some of us at least haa Iaint got much hair left , . I  yi yii yi  

Australian macadamia is a nut quite different to any nut one can taste....though chickpeas are nice veggie dishes....

Like MFG I love tomatoes too, home grown of course...


i have a thing for black or red grapes, cherries, blue berries and blackberries. I love mango and watermelon too, but I think grapes are at the top of my list.

ps. add pomengranetes to the list also

okay i will add stone fruit


this winter we have been eating alot of 'cuties'

small easy to peel tangerine like fruit

and on the vegies side this winter i discovered the Joys of Brussel Sprouts

my gay christian buddy have been eating pounds of it fried and baked and stewed with peas carrots and sweet peas

even brought baked brussel sprouts lightly drizzled with olive oil salt and pepper and garlic powder to  thanksgiving with the church elder and his wife

( as well as my famous green bean casserole )

#and always eat lots of spring mix and green beans and broccoli and cauliflower


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