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WHAT Are your favorite fruits and what is it about the taste that makes it your Favorite??

. is it unusual ? 

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btw when i say fried i mean stirfried

not deep fat fry



A very dark, almost black (deep purple) plum, somewhat tart, small seed in center, slightly chilled.  Hmmmm!  I think this Summer fruit brings memories of a warm Summer day and a match to a cool fruit in my mouth for the perfect day.

tomato and strawberry......

Nothing can match a peach/nectarine.  Easy to eat (no peeling necessary) and so full of deliciousness.

watermelon and peaches,

 you know I  only asked this question because we live in different countries with soo many different tasting fruits .  brfore i traveled to the Philippines  I  never heard of jack  Fruit  it was weird tasting at first ..  I  have friends in  Thailand n  I  been their too.   I  do not recollect in my memory banks tasting any unusual fruits their.

 10 Days  I  was their n  I loved the street markets.  I  do not know why for  Pomegranites are availablein Florida  but   I   kinda scared to taste it   .. weird right?/  WHAT KINDA FRUITS U WANTED TO TASTE BUT NEVER TOOK THE TIME   TO TRY IT ?..    

  I  LIKE TO BE REAL and admit my faults   well not all   they too numerous to count,   Anyway  i not one to pretend  that  I  got everything str8  either.  .IT BE 2015 A NEW YEAR  A  new lease on life to come up higher n not make the choices  THAT  plagued me  to allow GOD  Room to take chances  I  was fearful of before n not to make poor judgements    I also failed in too..   .  

 I Learning more about health n want to change some wrong eating habbits .  I  would like a more variety  in my diet  that healthier . oh boy   THAT  going to take  GOD some work  cause old habbits die hard..  WELL   those that know me  n those that might want to   Later  I  will be around now n then to add more  n if u can read  between the lines  ( which is an art )  u will know more about me  ..   ,

 Second  Chances in life do not come often     watch closely u never know when they may appear !! AS a friend of mind  is fond of saying,,  NUFF SED.  lol 

Star fruit because it s sweet but also tangy :)

 Sta r  Fruit??  never  ever heard of it before. Igues I will have to google it an see for myself what it is.... .  i keep hearing about Pomagranites to  but they available even in Florida but still i hesitant to try it ,,  

As far as I am  concerned Star Fruit is just a novelty...not all that much taste.  OK in a fruit salad..  Nuff Sed

Persimmon fruit,  this is my favorite fruit in the world!!!! Taste it and u will see why its my favorite 

the fruit is sooooooo delicious!!!!!!!!

 OK  Itell u what I will do ,, I going to experiment..  I going to try tasting different fruits Inever tasted  before n see what the ytaste like..    I heard of thisPersimmon fruit recently within he last  month or so I just do not remember where.... Igoing to buy 1 new fruit every moth  or 2 weeks  n see for myself what the hulabaloo is all about.. Idid see this  Star fruit advertised at a local supermarket i will try i first ha

Persimmon is definitely on my list of favorite fruits.  I have a couple of small persimmon trees in my back yard. There were about thirteen fruits on it last year so we expect many more this year.  Most persimmons are very astringent and will pucker up your mouth if they are not Very ripe and Very soft.  Several weeks ago I was in an international market in North Carolina.   What did I see for sale but GIGANTIC Persimmons as big as large apples!!!..  They were Japanese  Hachiya variety.  Very expensive (US$2:00 ea)  We bought four boxes of them(48 in all) to take back home to Florida and share with our special friends.   I am now looking to find out where I can purchase a young tree or two of that variety.


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