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WHAT Are your favorite fruits and what is it about the taste that makes it your Favorite??

. is it unusual ? 

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 oh wow that sounds interesting  Nuff  sed d olet me hear from u and inform me  what u find. out .. do u have enough room for this tree in your  back yard? Do u know what it will take or how long for it to produce  Fruiit?... 


Uncle Murray: No, I do not have room for more trees in my back little yard(about 25 varieties) BUT I bought a Lychee this week so I will cut down the grapefruit tree and plant it there.  The grapefruit has been producing smaller and smaller each year.  We don't eat them because they affect our blood pressure medications.   I think that the Pomelo will come down next.  It is TOO dry.  In the spring, however , I am going  to try to cross pollinate it with my Mandarin Orange and see what happens. Nuff Sed

I am guessing that about two years should be enough time to produce fruits.   My little one produced about a dozen fruits last year and I am hoping for a bumper crop this year.  My problem is that I have only about 1/3 acre lot for house and yard so I have to be selective.  Nuff Sed

Uncle Murray, I like the pineapple (piña), it's a delicious fruit .. sweet mmm ..and think too I like it  because has my favorite color, the yellow (ha ha) Sometimes I like eat it using a bit of chili powder :)

Pineapple with chilli powder?...........hummmmmm I may have to try that

Ha, ha.. Yes, try it!

Pomelo and grapefruits  - Something about the melo sour and sweet mix just relaxes me when I eat one.  My wife turned me onto persimmons last year;the Hachiya variety are one of my favorite fruits now also.

 hahaha  AMELIA   Chile sause?? It makes me laugh to hear that too.. .  Very unusual combination.. ..  I will  remember this.. thanks for sharing,.  , ok   we have 2 that enjoy  persmimons and  I do not believe I heard of that before? Iwill first google it n check it out,, I willl have to bring a notepad with me when I GO  shopping too for I wont remember these fruits I am learning about../..

I do not remember the last time I tasted a grapefuti either so loong ago.. .. I remember the y used to be so huge when I was a lad .. I do like Graefruit  juice it has  sour but tangy taste ha ,, Hmm this Pomela where is this fruit from anyway?

Pomelo are  known as the granddaddy of grapefruits but they have thicker skins and aren't as sour..  They grow them here in the states but I believe they originally come from part's of Asia.  They usually cost around $2 or $3 each but if you find them at a farmer's Market you can sometimes get them cheaper in bulk

hahah bulk??  it would be for me only n the ywould rot Farmers markets around my area be pretty far  well not that far it just if u got a big family it would be worth it

  hey thnakssssss for the added info Brother John,,,,Ijust thought of  something I forgot to ask  ARE THEIR  some fruits u eat that u like available only certain type of seasons?//

Are the fruits u eat and Enjoy most  ddifferent as the seasons  Change ?

Bulk usually mean's a large volume but a lot of sellers at the market I go to will give you a discount just for buying 3 or more depending on the item.  Pomelos at the Wally World here are about $3.00 each after tax but I can buy them at the farmers market 3 for $5

I can usually find the fruits I like to eat year round except for persimmons which only grow in this area during the late fall/winter months.  Sometime's I'll buy a bunch and freeze them but it's nice in a way to only have a few months to hunt for local places that have them.   Grapefruits you can find in stores here year round but the prices are usually the cheapest around this time of year and I find they taste sweeter around this time also.


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