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What is your opinion on the Church disfellowshipping a member because of pregnancy outside of marriage?

From a personal standpoint, all of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God and to disfellowship a member because of pregnancy is throwing them back into the world instead of loving them and encouraging them in their spiritual life and recommitting themselves back to the Lord. Don't take me wrong, I am not encouraging the sin!!!

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I think probably most of us could be thrown out of the church for one reason or another.  It's not for the church or for man to judge. The better approach I think would be to show support and love for that person while admonishing  the sin. I recall at once church a woman worked in a nightclub, and a group of church members showed up at her job preaching fire and brimstone and the woman left the church. I don't know if she ever returned.

I'm a sinner, we are all sinners and the church is a hospital for the sickness of sin. We need to be more accepting of those who come to church  seeking the cure which is Jesus. If there is a noticeable issue, we need to pray for that person, ask to have a bible study with that person.  Treat them with kindness  and  only as a last resort say for example if someone was committing sin in church with disregard like stealing money or smoking, etc, only then  should someone ever be disfellowshipped. But the door should always be held open for repentance.

"He who is without sin cast the first stone"


It is those in sin who need guidance the most.

Look,I quoted scripture to show my thought on the matter.


You can twist my words.and argue against that if it's your desire to do so.Have fun.

Barek. Gabe is right. We ALL are 'in' sin. We all need guidance.

Do you think anyone is above that guidance?

Did I say anyone was?



This is the reason why everyone find excuse to sin freely, cos nobody can cast the first stone......

If you open you mouth to advise, you are casting stone.....

If you say is wrong to attend the job sometimes on saturday.... you receive this answer:You dont know my motives! YOU NOT JUDGE ME PLEASE COS YOU ARE SINNER TOO..

Its hard to deal with it...

let him without sin cast the first stone


I think scripture to be crystal clear on this.


I choose the Bible over mans' thoughts.

Giving advice is quite different than disfellowshipping

Ray, I have read all these references and I fail to see number one that this is Mary that was caught in adultery and two that the woman who was caught in adultery was not guilty of sin. You claim that the point I made is mute but you provide no scriptures or Sop reference to refute me. All you have done is prove that Simon was wrong to accuse Mary at a totally different time and place. Also your story that Simon helped try to destroy both Christ and Mary is wrong. Ellen White makes it clear that Simon repented and because a true disciple after the feast at his house and without direct proof from the Bible alone I will not believe what you are saying.

 Simon was touched by the kindness of Jesus is not openly rebuking him before the guests. He had not been treated as he desired Mary to be treated. . . . Stern denunciation would have hardened Simon against repentance, but patient admonition convinced him of his error. He saw the magnitude of the debt which he owed his Lord. His pride was humbled, he repented, and the proud Pharisee became a lowly, self-sacrificing disciple.  {CC 308.6} 

You are contradicting the Bible and Ellen White.



What I posted is the results of my reading all that the Bible and Ellen White says on the subject that I could find.  Yes, Mary of Magdalla does enter the gospel record early on and she became a follower of Jesus.  However, she also is prominent at the cross and the tomb experiences.  So, it it quite evident that she was with Jesus from the beginning of His earthly ministry clear through to the end. 


While I can not give chapter and verse, it appears from the evidence that Jesus was very close to both Mary as well as Martha and Lazarus.  Their home in Bethany was a shelter and a resting place when He needed a respite from the crowds.  So, He interacted with this family far more then the scripture record relates. 


Also Simon was still a church leader during the time of Jesus' ministry.  He was still her uncle and he had not severed ties with this family.  So, in just what way does the gap in the featured part of the story of Jesus, on the name Mary Magdallene, impact the fact that she cannot be the woman caught in adultery?


Maranatha :)



"Jesus had often found the rest that His weary human nature required at the house of Lazarus, in Bethany. His first visit there was when He and His disciples were weary from a toilsome journey on foot from Jericho to Jerusalem. They tarried as guests at the quiet home of Lazarus, and were ministered unto by his sisters, Martha and Mary."  {DG 57.2}

"Jesus had often found the rest that his weary human nature required at the house of Lazarus, in Bethany. His first visit there was when he and his disciples were weary from a toilsome journey on foot from Jericho to Jerusalem. They tarried as guests at the quiet home of Lazarus, and were ministered unto by his sisters, Martha and Mary. Notwithstanding the fatigue of Jesus, he continued the instruction which he had been giving his disciples on the road, in reference to the qualifications necessary to fit men for the kingdom of Heaven. The peace of Christ rested upon the home of the brother and sisters. Martha had been all anxiety to provide for the comfort of her guests, but Mary was charmed by the words of Jesus to his disciples, and, seeing a golden opportunity to become better acquainted with the doctrines of Christ, quietly entered the room where he was sitting, and, taking her place at the feet of Jesus, drank in eagerly every word that fell from his lips."  {3Red 99.2} 







Since you have not read the references I shared with you, I'll choose to stand on how Ellen White paints the picture.


Maranatha :)



What I was relying on was that you said you did not have most of the books I referenced.  At least I thought it was you who mentioned that.




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