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What is your opinion on the Church disfellowshipping a member because of pregnancy outside of marriage?

From a personal standpoint, all of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God and to disfellowship a member because of pregnancy is throwing them back into the world instead of loving them and encouraging them in their spiritual life and recommitting themselves back to the Lord. Don't take me wrong, I am not encouraging the sin!!!

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Praise God. I appreciate your attitude.

No there is no need for re-baptism. That would not even be Biblical. There is no example for being re-baptized unless the baptism was not performed in the correct manner the first time.  And I have to assume that if an SDA pastor baptized you that it was in the correct manner.

So move forward as you have. Just try to smile at those judgment hungry condemning members who would think to disfellowship you. And hold your head high. JESUS LOVES YOU.


What I would recommend is that you do what Christ has commanded for us to do and that is to experience the 'mini-baptism' of footwashing. This way you will experience what is suppose to be done when you have sinned and especially when your sin is in the open as is your case. You will demonstrate the forgiveness of God and man and see your sins being washed away.


Baptism is a one time experience. In my personal belief ... it shows a lack of faith in Jesus ... to be 're-baptized'. So God bless your decision and commitment to Him Mercedez.

Thank you for your encouragement, brother. Yes, I still partake in the footwashing ceremony.
Amen MsMS!!!

My public testimony as a Christian or as a SDA member? I don't recall rebaptism n the bible, in the church manual, most likely. 

I still go to church for the message, we all need the spiritual food, just as our body needs the physical food. I believe that the SDA church comes as close to interpretting the bible. If I one day decide to rebaptize it will be as an example to my daughter that that is the right thing to do and not the fact that the church says so because I have sinned for all of us have sinned, I'm sure you did as well. The only one that is without sin is Jesus Christ himself and he died on the cross so that all of us can be saved. So I am saved by his blood ( and baptized in the Holy Spirit).

It's standard practice that when one becomes pregnant out of wedlock that they are disfellowshipped (first strike, out). I don't believe the local conference would do anything about it. Like I said before one doesn't neccesarily needs to be a member of the SDA church to enter into God's Kingdom, but baptism is. I still attend and partake in the communion and footwashing ceremony. I'm just not allowed to hold offices etc. in church and all that comes along with membership (so fellowship, I still do).

Besides all of the above, in my opinion when rebaptism is strongly enforced for those who have sought repentence for their sin, it takes away from the meaning of communion.



Good Post Mercedez

My belief also.

In addition it takes away from the meaning of the cross.

Jesus has forgiven you sins. He has buried them in the depths of the sea.

He has covered them with His Robe and yet the church dares to bring them up.



@ Don - Why should someone's membership be dropped due to not attending church for some period of time. Perhaps they are disabled and homebound. Perhaps they are discouraged. Whatever the reason ... God does not drop them ... why should the church. There are probably people in the pews who are less close to God than the person not attending. And why should what God's church does vary from one church to another and from one country to another.


And let me point out that the ONLY way a member can be dropped is when the church is together and votes on it. This is just as when on Sabbath morning the member was baptized and the congregation voted and approved him or her to join the church. The same vote has to be done to vote disfellowship. So, if enough people put their foot down and say no ... the disfellowshipping would stop. Let's STOP it.

You mention the 12 men as an example. The difference is that they did not fully comprehend the mission of Jesus as the Sin Bearer (I quote).I this example it is justified and I agree. However, this is not my case for I was fully aware of what i was doing and the mission of Jesus Christ. Rebaptizing (with the exception of this case) is in my opinion making a mockery of baptism. If we would have to baptize for every sin committed then I guess we better live on the beach and have a pastor at hand. Sin is sin, whether private or public, big or small.

Mercedez. Your sin and sins have been buried in the depths of the sea. Who are U or Anyone to bring them up for Any one to examine . 


There is no procedure in the church or  in the Church Manual that says you should be re-baptized because of what you did.  Be loved.


Hold strong. But forgive them who condemn.


Mic 7:19      "He will turn again, he will have compassion upon us; he will subdue our iniquities; and thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea."


"When the enemy comes in like a flood, and seeks to overwhelm you with the thought of your sin, tell him: "I know I am a sinner. If I were not, I could not go to the Saviour; for He says, 'I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance' (Mark 2:17). And because I am a sinner I am entitled to come to Christ. I am sinful and polluted, but He suffered humiliation and death, and exhausted the curse that belongs to me. I come. I believe. I claim His sure promise, "Whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life' (John 3:16)."   Ellen White in 1 SM 325


"When we suppose one to be in error and sin, we are not to divorce ourselves from him. By no careless separation are we to leave him a prey to temptation, or drive him upon Satan's battleground. This is not Christ's method. It was because the disciples were erring and faulty that He washed their feet"   Ellen White in DA 655

"The Lord by His power revealed the mistakes and errors that the brethren were committing, and those souls who had sincere love for God opened their minds and hearts to receive the light that was sent of God, and He forgave the mistakes they made, and through His great mercy cast their mistakes and errors into the depths of the sea. Now since God has thus covered their errors, who will presume to uncover them, and to present them to the world? Who has authorized any one to present God's chosen, adopted children to the world, clothed in a robe of darkness?"   EGW  --Ms 27, 1894, p. 1. (To "Dear Brethren in the Seventh-day Adventist Faith," June 7, 1894.)
Um wow, thats pretty severe. Disfellowship is the same as well, removing them from the church, right? Thats too much I think, if u ask me. Yes of course, as you acknowledged too, it is a sin, but I believe that its possible to while not encouraging what she did, to redirect her to repentance and well, a new life w/ her forgiving Savior.

I would say, and maybe I'm wrong, idk, but that maybe that was overreacting on the part of whoever made the decision.


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