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What is your opinion on the Church disfellowshipping a member because of pregnancy outside of marriage?

From a personal standpoint, all of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God and to disfellowship a member because of pregnancy is throwing them back into the world instead of loving them and encouraging them in their spiritual life and recommitting themselves back to the Lord. Don't take me wrong, I am not encouraging the sin!!!

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did you check you S.S.L. in this week?did you understood about meekness,can you be gentle,kind,caring?how pleasant you feel teasing me? i already explain to you that i was confused about from where is that fact and i brought reference about what i found!!!!!
did you remember you you got baptized?when i was,(1978,07,22=in Brazil)they put some question in front of church and one from their is this:

"Can you in future, accept the disciplining from the church ,if you fall down from first love,and the church think that is necessary for you see that you did mistakes and recognize that you need back to the correct principals like you was in begin? the another question area bout help church in shrewd way and preaching,and about the mainly beliefs! 13 in total!and more :normally some baptism certificate bring this question printed in the verse!
i have them!
can you remember this facts from your baptized time?
backing to church manual im going there searching cause maybe you ask pages again!i repeat,here everybody know every corner from manual,and no need put pages,but just enforcement, if someone,maybe not have opportunity,for touch it!
Thank you Don. You've stated it well. I think most here are having some trouble with the harshness of Brother Antonio. But your point is well taken about the language difficulty. So, perhaps he deserves some grace. Perhaps. I do hope it will soften soon though.
sorry for this brothers! i come from a ultra super extra conservative nation in adventist "meaning"!
i am a little bit conservative wing!and i found here so liberal guys that i took long think about ,till i accepted that their ideas is coming from adventist member! sorry!
i am wrong!i was think that the spirit here was from Philiphians 2 :3,and 4!
to don:
the certificate for your child no bring stuff like that but that""exam" by questions in front church they keep in usa?
The exam is not for baptism ... it is for membership. Those that are not baptized but are just accepting membership are taking it also. Baptism and Membership are two different kettles of fish. So, we have to be careful with terms. And I now realize that some of this may be your language difficulty. So, I understand you better now brother. Hope you don't mind if I point out the different terms . Cheers ....
What is the biblical requirement for baptism?

How many questions did the early church have before Baptism?
I am following this discussion with interest. A couple of points come to mind.

1. I have not seen any mention of the father of the baby. Should he be disfellowshipped? Presumably he is still holding on to his church positions and has not received so much as a word of rebuke. But then, his sin is not so obvious because he does not have to carry a big round belly for nine months for people to point their fingers at and whisper.

Maybe (because of his high position in the church, or as the son of the pastor etc) he has so intimidated the girl that she is afraid of naming him for fear of more repercussions.

Maybe the pregnancy is a result of rape, or incest (and she is too humiliated and frightened to tell anyone because the perpetrator(s) might also be Very Important and Highly Respected Church Members In Good Standing, and as everybody knows, nasty things like that just don't happen in our church which is all sweetness and light and perfect in every way.)

Nobody here has even mentioned sitting down with the young woman and kindly enquiring about any of this, in a spirit of wanting to help and minister to her, and win her trust.

Instead we are all getting ready to disfellowship without actually communicating with her in any way.
Even in the most secular and godless law courts, the person who is the subject of the court case has a chance to speak in his/her defence.

2. Imagine there are two young women who attend the same church. They both have the misfortune to become pregnant outside of wedlock.

Ms. A does not tell anyone and quietly goes to a clinic out of town and has an abortion before there are any physical signs of pregnancy, and the church is none the wiser. Life goes on as normal. She continues as a member in good standing, and continues to play the organ, teach children's Sabbath school, etc.

Ms. B decides to keep the baby. Pretty soon her pregnancy starts to appear obvious, and people start to talk and point fingers (as well as taking up bandwidth in online forums). She is ostracised, and her parents are pressured by the church board to resign their positions as well. All of the things mentioned in this forum start to be done to her. Preparations are made to disfellowship her.

What lesson is being learned here? Is there something wrong with the fact that the lady who chose to keep her baby alive is being punished, while the other is being rewarded?

If the two ladies were friends, and got together and compared their experiences, how would they feel about the whole situation and about the church?

Just a few things that trouble me.


me 2
your words:
"Instead we are all getting ready to disfellowship without actually communicating with her in any way.
Even in the most secular and godless law courts, the person who is the subject of the court case has a chance to speak in his/her defence."""
I never see this before and I tell you for sure,if some pastor love just money,can do that!"Im 44 years in church!
so,disfellowshpi for everyone,or go to celestial court reply from where someone got previlegie!
Im back,just cause I remmeber to put one simple question:where is the church that not do disfelowship in this case that you have mentioned here?I just want to say that for sure that 101% their do that!I had livein 5 different nations! about wrong or not,you can find this in manual of church! remmembering that disfelowship is not the same that expulse from church! church effort a lot for keep members there,and help them back!
with His love
I remember before Jesus died on the cross whoever got caught committing adultery got stoned to death outside the city or their camp. This probably why King David tried to conceal his sin with Bathseba getting her husband Uriah drunk, and commanded him to go home to be with Bathseba. But how many times did Jesus said we have to forgive our neighbors? If I am not mistaken SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN. There is no small sin, nor big sin. Sin is a sin. If Jesus can forgive our sins 490 times in a day, wouldn't you think the church should also? After all, there is none on earth that doesn't commit sin in a day. I hope there is no Adventist Church that would kick out the sister or brother because of that. I can understand if the same member is not willing for God to bring her to repentance. That she is openly continues her relationship with another man even if the husband had forgiven her. Wow, then maybe disfellowship should be applied.
I really don't think this is about whether mercedez was wrong, she obviously admitted her sin and sought repentance. The really big problem that I see is that the church chose to disfellowship her because of this. The words of christ apply here in the strongest possible way. He who is without sin let him cast the first stone. Who among us has not sinned? If the leadership were not mortal we would not be having this issue. But they are sinful men. Just as mercedez, just like me and everyone on this site. The church did have a duty to act here, but they did not follow Christ in his example unless there is something that we don't know. As to rebaptisim, Ellen white wrote about it at some point and she spoke highly of it if I am not mistaken. A lot of times those in the position of judge are not fit to judge anything. God knows the heart, and he is the true judge. Blessings.


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