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A Woman is Beautiful when she is submissive to her Husband or when she has a SUBMISSIVE attitude.


 1 Peter 3:5-65 For this is the way the holy women of the past who put their hope in God used to make themselves beautiful. They were submissive to their own husbands, 6 like Sarah, who obeyed Abraham and called him her master. You are her daughters if you do what is right and do not give way to fear. NIV



1 Peter 3:3-5
3 Don't be concerned about the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes. 4 You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.Holy Bible, New Living Translation



Ps 45:1111 For your royal husband delights in your beauty;honor him, for he is your lord. Holy Bible, New Living Translation


Prov 31:30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. NIV



This is  what happens ot those with only external beauty 


Ezek 16:15-16
15 "'But you trusted in your beauty and used your fame to become a prostitute. You lavished your favors on anyone who passed by and your beauty became his.   16 You took some of your garments to make gaudy high places, where you carried on your prostitution. Such things should not happen, nor should they ever occur.NIV


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Thanks  for  sharing  your  opinion.
Stacey it is not my opinion, this is actually from the HOLY BIBLE
I'd say that whatever anyone shares is their opinion, even if it is about the Bible. Everyone has to interpret the Bible for him or herself, it becomes their opinion doesn't it?
LOL MS Topkok but i did not interpret the bible there i just quoted from the bible
It still process thru your brain in order to make sense. In that respect it is interpreted, or it would jus be gibberish ..

I don't know where the quote is but I remember reading a section of E. G. White's writtings that we are not to quote directly the principles of the Scripture but to "re-word" it, to make it our own, then pass it on. I am not talking about Scripture text/passage memorization, this is good and also should be done. Sorry, I don't know how to go about finding that passage from her writings. I would guess it is in some witnessing material.n
Well  my Bible  tells  me ,Wives   should  be  submissive  to  the  husbands .It  doesn't  say  for  this makes  u  beautiful.

Wow so not the answers I thought I would see Jason !.....


So for you the lady can be physically unattractive but if she is submissive she is beautiful????


Well...... Beauty is  in the eye of the beholder!!


By the way, how do you define wifely submission? Give examples.













Check online or a dictionary for the definition of Submission. Examples... Paul gave one 


""6 like Sarah, who obeyed Abraham and called him her master. You are her daughters if you do what is right and do not give way to fear. NIV"" 1 Peter 3:6

Jason ,  this   bible  verse   has  nothing  to  do  with  a  woman's   beauty .It  is totally  out  of  context  A  submissive  wife  might  be  more  attractive  to her  husband, but  dont  say  that  being.............. makes  u  beautiful. WE are already  beautiful.Guess  what     LADIES, we  r  fearfully  and wonderfully   made by  our  creator  KING  JESUS.
How is it out of context ??  Read the text again, it's straight forward
So true of scripture,the way it fel on me was like a confirmation of what I hve believd unconciously all along.I hv sayd this to my for a long tym now


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