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We worship the sme God yet We stand out with our doctrines and all other traits.But one more thing?

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My short answer would be the spirit of prophecy is what makes us different. Remember that Paul says a church is not to come short in gifts. Sure, most churches have pastors and teachers and so forth, but, they all lack a true prophet. Just my short answer :)
I think that some of those churches might disagree with you. Many have prophets. And many would certainly question our prophet.
I'm sure they would. I get it all the time, but I try not to talk about EGW or use any of her writings when talking to someone outside the SDA church. Bible only works best in those situations. I know many not only question our prophet, but criticize her and attack her every way imaginable. Does that mean they are right though? Nope. Does that mean they have the true prophet? Well, lets test them and see. Its not my opinion that matters in the end :)
The only way to test it is to use our own criteria/interpretation of scripture. Thus each is right in their own eyes.
Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. 2 Peter 1:20

I don't concern myself with opinions much at all. The one who is right is the one who gives up what they think they know and realize what really is. There is such a thing as absolute truth, and thats what I'm after.
No doubt we are ALL 'after' that. But none will have it until we see His Face. We will have all of eternity to understand it fully. Even the angels don't have a full understanding of it now.
Oh most def. I'm not not saying any of us SDAs have a complete understanding of everything, but I think it is safe that out of every movement out there, as a whole, that SDAs do have a privileged light. I know this may make some believe "oh they think they know it all", we don't... I know many do think we are a cult, forgetting what a cult really is... but we do have the gift of prophecy. Prophets were called seers in the OT. Now, if a church does not have the true gift of prophesy, or seeing, then... they are blind. No? Every gift is needed, we are supposed to have them. I think it is safe to say this does contribute to making us unique from others. Not that others are bad or anything. Many great Christians in other denominations :)
That's true Jose,

You know the other churches have got the Prophets and we all see how they perform their miracles,right..
Well, in the last days there will be great signs and wonders displayed. Somebody is even going to call fire down from heaven, but, just because they could do that, will not classify them as a true prophet or person of God.

One thing I know...

To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.
-Isaiah 8:20

EGW did.. the others, do not. The list goes on.
We all consider ourselves almost the same but not yet..
Thought of THREE ANGELS MESSAGE within the other church can stand out to proclaim it openly with all the courage.
According to me it is the only part that makes out stand out form the others
Oh most certainly. The 3 angels, plus our truth about death, and hell. Our understanding of the sanctuary, etc. That sets us apart too. Not that we are better people, jus that we have a privileged light in our church, as the remnant.

We also are a commandment keeping church. That sets up apart. But yeah, we have good ppl, questionable ppl, all the other things other churches have too. And of course there are many great Christians in other churches :)
"OUR LIFESTYLE" nevertheless, won't do us (referring to all SDAs) any good unless they are a living testimony that demonstrates the superiority of God's lifestyle to the world, both physically and spiritually...;-)

But then again, it does nothing for us at all unless we put it into practice, unless it becomes a part of our life.


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