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We worship the sme God yet We stand out with our doctrines and all other traits.But one more thing?

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I think there's so much we have been given that can be a blessing in a very practical and personal way now. That's whywe must share it, even with Christians of other denominations...

Though, of course, some of these truths are understood, to some degree, by various Christians, we alone have them tied nicely into a complete package. And, indeed, these special Adventist truths don't depict mere marginal differences with other Christians.

They represent important biblical concepts, and people who do not know about them miss out on something that can make a major difference in their Christian experience.

The adventist message helps us to know where we are in human history. It unveils the great-controversy perspective, which shows us the larger picture of what God is doing for our rebellious planet. It tells us about the ongoing heavenly ministry of Jesus Christ and the Hope He presents for us as erring sinners.

The Adventist message also helps us to follow through on our comitment to Christ in every concrete ways: in finding physical and spiritual rest on God's holy day, in living a life of faithful stewardship of all that has been entrusted to us, and in learning how to take care of our bodies while we're still in this mortal clay...;-)
I think it is keeping the true sabbath and our understanding on how it was changed to the day of the sun and of course the health message and right now it seems like the whole world is waking up to this "New World Order" being forced on the masses. And this is our chance to really shine! We can show the world how current events connect with Revelation 13 and how The Seventh Day Adventist church was given special insight into warning the world to come out of Babylon.
I see a big lack of preaching and practicing the message of love. Yes, some want and even may need to hear all the fire and brimstone and all about the judgment. But, I think we need some of both. We are all at different levels and different places in our experiences. What might work for one will not work for another. So, those who need peace and love should get it. What we don't need is someone to tell us that we don't need that. What we DO need to do is to NOT do the work of the Holy Spirit.

Are ALL SDAs doing ALL they should and could? No. But, then that is okay. We are all at different levels of commitment. We need to be accepting of people and yes ... we do need to be more loving . What I just can't understand is why professed SDAs would object to this.

WE do need to step out of our comfort zone and be more loving. Yes.
What makes us unique is the Investigative Judgement/Sanctuary doctrine.

No other denomination understands this most important doctrine. As this is the foundation of the Three Angels' Message no other denomination can give the call to "come out of her my people" or correctly interpret prophecy.
Yes, Ian. This is one of the most important of our understandings. I have so many friends who do not know about this, or if I mention it, think I'm nuts. In the days ahead, this is going to be so crucial - "seeing" dead loved ones teaching the doctrines of devils.

And if Jesus reapears, they won't know if the manifistation is real or not and be deceived.
Well, the sad thing is, again, even some of our SDA brothers and sisters are practiving and observing halloween (all souls and saints) at the very day the world observes.

Yes, that's why, it is sad to realize that our dead loved ones are believing and observing the doctrines of devils in such a way that they didn't realize they are already with the world...Conversely, they don't even realize that they are also promoting it without just noticing they are doing it already. The verse which says that we are in the world but we should not live with the deep sigh...",
Hello Tater,
I completely agree with you, For instance where i come from Kenya, Nairobi, we had a Sabbath evangelistic Sabbath like two weeks ago, and it was like the evangelists were begging us to join them in there mission, but none stood up not even me.

It is just a matter of taking a book and being able to explain even to your friend that it is not necessary that it will help him or her, maybe it could be of use to the third party(millions of others).
It a great challenge to us, me toooo.
But am praying to God to help me reach out though its not easy
There is no easy way of understanding the BIBLE.
The uniqueness of the SEVENTH-DAY ADVENT-ISM could be understood from the BOOK of Revelation and THE BOOK of Daniel
But in summary , THE 3 ANGELS MESSAGE in REV. 14:6-12 shows us the uniqueness of the Adventist church.

The Book Testimonies vol.1 pg 223 gives us more about this.
Our Denominational Name

I was shown in regard to the remnant people of God taking a name. Two classes were presented before me. One class embraced the great bodies of professed Christians. They were trampling upon God's law and bowing to a papal institution. They were keeping the first day of the week as the Sabbath of the Lord. The other class, who were but few in number, were bowing to the great Lawgiver. They were keeping the fourth commandment. The peculiar and prominent features of their faith were the observance of the seventh day, and waiting for the appearing of our Lord from heaven.

The conflict is between the requirements of God and the requirements of the beast. The first day, a papal institution which directly contradicts the fourth commandment, is yet to be made a test by the two-horned beast. And then the fearful warning from God declares the penalty of bowing to the beast and his image. They shall drink the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of His indignation.

No name which we can take will be appropriate but that which accords with our profession and expresses our faith and marks us a peculiar people. The name Seventh-day Adventist is a standing rebuke to the Protestant world. Here is the line of distinction between the worshipers of God and those who worship the beast and receive his mark. The great conflict is between the commandments of God and the requirements of the beast. It is because the saints are keeping all ten of the commandments that the dragon makes war upon them. If they will lower the standard and yield the peculiarities of their faith, the dragon will be at peace; but they excite his ire because they have dared to raise the standard and unfurl their banner in opposition to the Protestant world, who are worshiping the institution of papacy.

The name Seventh-day Adventist carries the true features of our faith in front, and will convict the inquiring mind. Like an arrow from the Lord's quiver, it will wound the transgressors of God's law, and will lead to repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

I was shown that almost every fanatic who has arisen, who wishes to hide his sentiments that he may lead away others, claims to belong to the church of God. Such a name would at once excite suspicion; for it is employed to conceal the most absurd errors. This name is too indefinite for the remnant people of God. It would lead to the supposition that we had a faith which we wished to cover up.
I agree to your word here, but when it comes to prophecy and the Church, id rather be careful on what am saying, but prophecy is my best at the moment,
Ill give a comment once back to my study..
But bring it on for us here

thank you
Ilove the way it is coming out clearly
Again consider the mission in Mathew 28;18-20
Being generally our mission

Can you recite that overhead am doing it right now and always
One more thing I'd like to add up is that, I find in SDA the soulful and blessed songs. But sad to say, we still differ on the music we had today. Others love to have this and that. No unity in music.
Spirit of Prophecy,


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