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I have gone to quite a few prayer meetings on Wednesday night just to listen to the regular song service, opening prayer, preaching and closing prayer. To me, this is not what prayer meeting should be like.


How is prayer meeting at your church?  Share your thoughts on what you would like to see done at prayer meeting.

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Pray, Pray, Pray and one more time Pray, did I mention testimonies?

May I suggest that such an approach may really be counterproductive? This is not to argue, but to use as a launching pad for some suggestions.

Now, these are just my opinions, so, if they do not match with yours, that is OK.
[just as long as you agree with me. G>]

1. While I believe in prayer as much as anyone on the forum. I have talked with God for some 60 years plus and I have not only heard His voice in response on a few rare occassions, but far more important, I have seen the many, many miracles that He has worked in my life. Not just on the physical level, but even more so on the spriitual level. However, just like one can drown in too much water, which is an essential for survival. So too, to much prayer that is only a form will drown one's spiritual experience.

Far too often public prayers are used to preach to those who are listening. Some prayers I have heard left nothing for the preacher to say. These only "honor" the one who spoke the prayer. Like the scribes and the pharasiees, who loved to pray in the public street corners. They could very will be either known as street corner preachers, or corner sign posts about their own goodness. Either way, it is not a effective way to bring people to Christs.

2. Prayer meeting is also suppose to be a time when we can share what God has done for us. But even this too can run amuck. Such as the elderly man who's testimony was allways the same. "I thank God that I have not had a class of milk for _____ years." While most of us were praying that he would drink a glass of milk to sweeten him up. One time at a church picnic. There were only 5, sugarless apple pies, made with a whole grain crust, that were brought to the pot luck to provide desert for about 100 people. I happened to be passing by the tables when a lady called out: "Pastor, we have one peice of pie left, would you like it?" I only like two kinds of pie, hot or cold. And if it is not hot, I consider it cold. So I took the small morsesl and it hardly made two good bites.

Sunday moring at 8 am my phone rang and for the next 20 minutes or so this dear gentleman dressed me down for setting a bad example by eating two deserts. I had known him long enough to know his mind set, so even though at first I could not even believe this from him, soon I could. I still think that he was mad becasue the last piece was given to me instead of him, as his wife was the one who backed the pies, and she was a very good cook, at least where pies were concerned.

3. In my opinion, unless there is a discussion time, where people can present their questions and concerns and receive solid biblical answers, the time is a waste. I have seen prayermeetings where this was the case, grow, become vibrant and I beleive the peopel left as stronger Christians. But, when people set their heels and "defend the faith," when they have no idea as to what the faith is, then the blessing is lost. Nor should the leader feel that they have to have the "right" answer to every question. Most certainly, they should know their Bible well enough to be able to respond correctly to most of the more common question, but they should never be afraid to say: "I DO NOT KNOW!"

These, in my opinion, are three basics for prayermeeting. Of course there are many variations depending on the situation. If a crisis is imminent, such as a tornado moving in, then the entire prayermeeting might well be prayer, prayer, prayer. Or if there is a personnal situation that is critical at that time, then a searching of the scriptures for a solution would be appropriate. But, I feel the above tree are the basics, with other issues filled in as appropriate.

Maranatha :)
It's called prayer meeting. That's why I think we should mostly pray .
Everybody prays, my dear Teresa. However, I think the greater the need, the more praying we do.

The missionary at my church loves to request prayer for people on the mission field around the world, people in the news who have problems, situations in the world and so on.

Yes, I like when we get time at prayer meeting to voice our prayer request and give our praise report too.
That sounds good to me. We need to remember God's promises and take Him at His word.


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