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At this time,since we all believe we are now in the last days...What subjects should we study or ponder upon during our free time?

Please share to us your priorities in life...

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We should read and clearly understand the bible,we should also prayerfully study E.G.White's teachings
Dear Sis.

last day events : Sunday law tribulations anti-christ(s) ....
Second coming
State of dead
Life in heaven heaven

Not the least message to all the world
Good question there,
I'm currently reading the ACTS OF THE APOSTLE VOL 4
and what i find there can really be applied to today's current situation.

though what i can ponder through this time: LAST DAY EVENTS and CHURCH TRIUMPHANT
My bride and I have been listening to mp3 recordings of an 18-part compilation of EGW quotes on end times by Harvest Time Books. (I don't remember the exact title) Most excellent! Harvest Time Books.
For greater knowledge of the Bible, I like to study chronology, history, archaeology, and creation science as they tie to the Bible. Also I like to put into practice William Miller's rules of prophetic interpretation in studying and writing on the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, the timeline of Christ and his fulfillment of the 70 week prophecy, and the festivals and Christ's antitypical fulfillment in the plan of salvation.

I find reading the SOP and memorizing the Bible are also great blessings.

Perhaps we ought also to spend a thoughtful moment each day contemplating the great sacrifice of our Lord and how we ought to respond for the day.
I think we should study whatever will bring us into closer relationship with Jesus.... the closer we are, the more HE is guiding, the quicker the work will be done!
The last hours of Jesus' life and His relationship with His Father.

That is the only way we will ever get to see Him and His father together.

Matt 6:33 for example.

We can all know prophesy but if we don't have LOVE, we are just making noise.

That is an ETERNAL study.


After reading all the above comments, it is evident that we should keep on reading. To be able to learn more of God's requirements to attain Christian perfection and know where we are now in the chronology of the last days events.


Thank you guys for your positive comments shared here. Happy Sabbath!


 My Dear sister I think since of our selves we can do nothing,the Science of Dependence on Solely Divine Inspiration from The very Breath of The Almighty should be pursued rigorously on a daily bases six days and multiple on Sabbaths, this requires a kind of genuine devotion not just by praying and studying,but engaging your mind in frequent longing to be personally clearer on The Pattern of God's Thinking,that The Bible may become an open Psychological Book,feeding you with simple understandings on every word line and statements,bit by bit,growing and developing according to your spiritual appetite,creating the true and realistic hunger and thirsting for righteousness,only read and heard about. Your request shows The Holy Spirit or Divine Inspirations of God's Thoughts are urging your mind to come up higher,so don't allow it to die or grow cold,get to work instantly my dear friend,and a good place to take off is the very center or central point of The Bible, Romans8;6,7- this when deeply meditated on spells out The Problem of Man, and then move on to Romans5:1 to start to understand the solution more clearly,this will need a more clearer insight on what faith really is, and this I would recommend the most Spiritually updated understanding available, purely supplied by Divine Inspirations, but don't take my word for it view it prayerfully and go through the details and tell me if it is not the missing link between God and Man, - that info is in my blog,so you can examine it there. Just be willing to "do the will of God"and you will know The Doctrine 


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