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What's the difference between being married or not married to someone?

Did Adam and Eve have a wedding, where they said vows before God? Did they exchange "wedding bands"? Were they issued with a marriage certificate?

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is it possible to give me a more detailed information with regards to your question, "or not married to someone?"

it gets more complexed when you added or not being married to someone, i am not sure what you meant by that or where are you coming from with this question. with regards to adam and ever, there were no wedding bands and no certificates, it was understood, to adam who she  was and her intentions was to be a helpmate, wife and to procreate if this was the intentions of adam and eve to multiply and bear children. frankly speaking, if i got stuck on a desert island with my fiance,

and if it was just the 2 of us stranded on this beautiful island, i would perform ceremony rites with God and pronounce us, husband and wife, i am not sure if God would approve of that, but nevertheless just the fact, that she desires to have me and well, my desires to have her, would justify my intentions to marry her. bear in mind, we are stuck on a deserted island, just the 2 of us, with no clothes on. honestly do you think we are going to wait for doug batchelor to marry us or an angel to just pop out of nowhere and marry us?  keep in mind, that i haven't touched her,  but we are sleeping together since we do enjoy each others company. something has to give, what do you think zoe?

sir james


p.s. just wanted to add a sparkle to your question. 

Just ignore the "or not married to someone?" part because I can even make it clear in my head to tell you, lol.
Just tripping off your post.. I would seem that the pirpose to having a wedding is to announce a couples intentions as a curtesy to the community, to let others know they ate 'taken', to ask for respect to their wishes, to askfor support and accountability as well as to celebrate.
Where's the courtesy for God? Its all pomp and ceremony. People are more concerned about what there friends and family think about there partner and marriage then what God thinks.
As I see it, our care for God is proven by how we care for others, in fact is it conditional to entering the kingdom. (Matt. 25:31-46)
The modern idea of being married is not true to the biblical standard. There were no wedding bands, and no certificate. Also there were no vows to be said, that also is a modern invention. Furthermore, there is no requirement from God that we appear before a pastor or a judge in order to be married. I would challange anyone to show me from the bible that we should do any of those things. Now because we are in the world it may be necessary to "legally" be married in the eyes of the state, but it does not make someone married in Gods eyes. Look at all the marriages that are falling apart, 50% of all marrigaes end in divorce. How can these people truely be married if they are so willing to break apart their commtment to God?
This is exactly what I'm trying to get at. Where have all these bizzare practices come from?
Wouldn't this show our accountability to others? :-)
No, not proving necessarily, but social responsibility. And it goes both ways. Couple to community and community to couple.
Don't you realize how a person lives in community? We live IN COMMUNITY. That is why it says to confess your sins and pray for one another. This is how we hold one another accountable. The act of confessing and the act of praying together does something for us. Accountability is one of them.

I hope this helps.

Tricky question, I too have thought about this.


It is possible to think of marriage as a social contract but also a contract with God.


If there is no society to make the contract with, I assume that a contract with God would suffice.

I would add the accountability with others, because we honor Him by honoring and caring about one another.


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