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What's the difference between being married or not married to someone?

Did Adam and Eve have a wedding, where they said vows before God? Did they exchange "wedding bands"? Were they issued with a marriage certificate?

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Absolutely, yes, I've International friends who've stated this very situation! I know it's very true.
Yours truly is an ordained minister of the SDA church.  Who are we to question the validity of the VERY FIRST WEDDING officiated by our Creator God?  Every minister who has ever married couples, always state in their own style, that the wedding is performed in the pattern of the first wedding performed in Eden.  And we dedicate the marriage to the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE.  Our present society seeks to have the legal requirements met.  And I believe that the government requirements needing to be met, are not expensive.  It is the wedding "feasts" and other cultural "requirements" which make marriages expensive.  The latter is not a requirement by the various governmental agencies.  The DIFFERENCE between marriages performed in the pattern of the Edenic marriage, and those performed differently is immaterial to the two partied involved.  It is their own COMMITEMENT to one another which makes the marriage binding, until death dissolves the union.


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