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when do feel your ready to die? you may not know how to answer this, but give it a try.

you may not know when your going to die, but like it or not, its going to happen.  the question is,  are you ready to die?  you could die tomorrow and not know it.

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I decided to throw in a curve ball question, this is a simple question, but it just has a twist to it, lets see how you answer this whether you like it or not, you will die eventually.  your comments are so welcomed here with this discussion.

To live a life committed and surrendered to Jesus would make death seem of little importance. From reading the stories of the reformers and those who have given their lives for the gospel and for Christ I can say that anyone may not ever, and rightly so, decide that they want to die. It may not even be an easy thing to deal with but when you know that you have done all that you can for God and that you have fought the good fight then you can be at ease. You go down knowing that you have lived a life of true service and obedience to the Lord and have no regrets. 

As far as am I ready to die? I don't think too many are ready to die but perhaps the question should also be are you willing to die?

When you feel that you have served God's purpose on this earth and that you have fought the good fight. God will lay you to rest in His time. I was supposed to die in 1978, but God preserved my life for a greater purpose.. At this time in my life I was not seeking God. This is just one example in my life where God was looking after me and I just didn’t know it. For instance when I was 16, I had just gotten my driver’s license 2 months earlier. I was coming home from the ranch where I had been herding cows with my cousins. It was a very hot sizzling, summer day. I was hot and tired after herding the cows all morning and my brother and I wanted to get home in a hurry. This was normally a 20 minute drive, however in typical teenage fashion I was in a hurry. Just as soon as I hit the straightaway, I floored the gas pedal on an old 1974Dodge Station Wagon with a 318 v-8.The engine had been recently rebuilt by my father because it was the family car I was driving. My father was also the local doctor on call at the hospital emergency room. My father was well known in Chowchilla, because he had been practicing medicine there since 1949. Anyway, when I floored the gas pedal a few things happened at once the 318 horse engine immediately gathered speed. I veered off the road into the dirt. Instead of hitting the brake pedal my foot pushed the gas pedal instead. The car did a complete 360 degree turn at over 100 mph (220 kph). Everything would have been fine except for the large round rock across the road. One of the front wheels hit the rock causing the car to roll over 3 and halftimes. The car finally coming to rest on its roof upside down. I don’t remember much after that except I remember being hauled out of the car. I was driving and my brother was with me and neither one of us were wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident. The car roof normally has a clearance of about 3 feet between the dash board and the roof of the car. After the accident the cars roof was pushed down to one and a half feet of clearance on the driver’s side of the car. I regained consciousness on the emergency room gurney where my father was sewing my left ear back on. Can you imagine being a father and having your son come into the emergency room after he has just wrecked the family car that you had just rebuilt? We’ll that was me; I was the wayward son who said to his father I just wrecked your car. My father said don’t worry about it. So I lived to talk about my experience. Did I know God then? No I did not. I do know one thing that without the presence of God’s Holy Angels I would not be standing here today telling you this story. God preserved my life for a future time, so I could work for him.

Roy thats great testimony that am likely to repeat For God's is only ready to die when he has no unfinished business,this takes me back to the question,"where does your treasure lie.'' if it lies here on earth one will NEVER be ready to say bye. if in heaven one will be EVER READY to die,actually sometimes they feel lonely here.


Now if death is dreadful then it  means you scared to die.this is natural,but Christ overcame it so there's totally nothing to fear...we should instead look forward to the time when we'll shout "oh death where is your sting''


Hope i haven't answered the question  

When you have accepted who you are and your role in life and that it can happen at any time.
estimonies for the Church Volume 5, Page 610

Bid him obey the Scriptures and carry his complaints directly to those whom he thinks in error. This united action would bring a flood of light into the church and close the door to a flood of evil. Thus God would be glorified, and many souls would be saved.

The admonition of the True Witness to the Sardis church is: “Thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead. Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die: for I have not found thy works perfect before God. Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent.” The sin especially charged against this church is that they have not strengthened the things that remain, that are ready to die. Does this warning apply to us? Let us individually examine our hearts in the light of God’s word, and let our first work be to set our hearts in order by the help of Christ.

God has done His part of the work for the salvation of men, and now He calls for the co-operation of the church. There are the blood of Christ, the word of truth, the Holy Spirit, on one hand, and there are the perishing souls on the other. Every follower of Christ has a part to act to bring men to accept the blessings heaven has provided. Let us closely examine ourselves and see if we have done this work. Let us question our motives and every action of our lives. Are there not many unpleasant pictures hanging in memory’s halls? Often have you needed the forgiveness of Jesus. You have been constantly dependent upon His compassion and love. Yet have you not failed to manifest toward others the spirit which Christ has exercised toward you? Have you felt a burden for the one whom you saw venturing into forbidden paths? Have you kindly admonished him? Have you wept for him and prayed with him and for him? Have you shown by words of tenderness and kindly acts that you love him and desire to save him? As you have associated with those who were faltering and
Testimonies for the Church Volume 5, Page 611

staggering under the load of their own infirmities of disposition and faulty habits, have you left them to fight the battles alone when you might have given them help? Have you not passed these sorely tempted ones by on the other side while the world has stood ready to give them sympathy and to allure them into Satan’s nets? Have you not, like Cain, been ready to say: “Am I my brother’s keeper?” How must the great Head of the church regard the work of your life? How does He to whom every soul is precious, as the purchase of His blood, look upon your indifference to those who stray from the right path? Are you not afraid that He will leave you just as you leave them? Be sure that He who is the true Watchman of the Lord’s house has marked every neglect.

Have not Christ and His love been shut out from your life until a mechanical form has taken the place of heart service? Where is the kindling of soul you once felt at the mention of the name of Jesus? In the freshness of your early dedication, how fervent was your love for souls! how earnestly you sought to represent to them the Saviour’s love! The absence of that love has made you cold, critical, exacting. Seek to win it back, and then labor to bring souls to Christ. If you refuse to do this, others who have had less light and experience and fewer opportunities will come up and take your place and do that which you have neglected; for the work must be done to save the tempted, the tried, the perishing. Christ offers the service to His church; who will accept it?

God has not been unmindful of the good deeds, the self-denying acts, of the church in the past. All are registered on high. But these are not enough. These will not save the church when she ceases to fulfill her mission. Unless the cruel neglect and indifference manifested in the past shall cease, the church, instead of going from strength to strength, will continue to degenerate into weakness and formality. Shall we let this be? Is the dull torpor, the mournful deterioration in love and
Testimonies for the Church Volume 5, Page 612

spiritual zeal, to be perpetuated? Is this the condition in which Christ is to find His church?

Brethren, your own lamps will surely flicker and grow dim until they go out in darkness unless you make decided efforts to reform. “Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works.” The opportunity now presented may be short. If this season of grace and repentance passes unimproved, the warning is given: “I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place.” These words are uttered by the lips of the long-suffering, forbearing One. They are a solemn warning to churches and individuals that the Watcher who never slumbers is measuring their course of action. It is only by reason of His marvelous patience that they are not cut down as cumberers of the ground. But His Spirit will not always strive. His patience will wait but little longer.

Your faith must be something more than it has been, or you will be weighed in the balances and found wanting. At the last day the final decision by the Judge of all the earth will turn upon our interest in, and practical labor for, the needy, the oppressed, the tempted. You cannot always pass these by on the other side and yourselves find entrance as redeemed sinners into the city of God. “Inasmuch,” says Christ, “as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to Me.”

It is not yet too late to redeem the neglects of the past. Let there be a revival of the first love, the first ardor. Search out the ones you have driven away, bind up by confession the wounds you have made. Come close to the great Heart of pitying love, and let the current of that divine compassion flow into your heart and from you to the hearts of others. Let the tenderness and mercy that Jesus has revealed in His own precious life be an example to us of the manner in which we should treat our fellow beings, especially those who are our brethren in Christ. Many have fainted and become discouraged in the
Testimonies for the Church Volume 5, Page 613

great struggle of life, whom one word of kindly cheer and courage would have strengthened to overcome. Never, never become heartless, cold, unsympathetic, and censorious. Never lose an opportunity to say a word to encourage and inspire hope. We cannot tell how far-reaching may be our tender words of kindness, our Christlike efforts to lighten some burden. The erring can be restored in no other way than in the spirit of meekness, gentleness, and tender love.

Wouldst thou an erring soul redeem,
And lead a lost one back to God?
Wouldst thou a guardian angel seem
To one who long in guilt has trod?
Go kindly to him, take his hand,
With gentle words, within thine own,
And by his side a brother stand,
Till thou the demon sin dethrone.

Scorn not the guilty then, but plead
With him in kindest, gentlest mood,
And back the lost one thou mayst lead
To God, humanity, and good.
Thou art thyself but man, and thou
Art weak, perchance to fall as he;
Then mercy to the fallen show,
That mercy may be shown to thee.
This question makes me all the more do a self check regarding my relationship with Christ. I would have to say, I will be ready to die once I fulfilled 3 things. First, when I see my family serving the dad especially since he is a non Adventist and Ive been praying my whole life for him to accept Christ as His personal Saviour. Second, once Ive done my part to share the gospel as a missionary or any other way of helping spread God's word. That I will have an unwavering faith wiht God. And third, to get married, have kids and have my own family serving the Lord...then I shall be ready to sleep forever.c
So Get married. its easy.
Lol; are YOU married?
yeah shes married...lawl
yeah... its easy for you to say haha
Not forever Love. Just sleep for a time. ^.~


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