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I know the Bible speaks about the grounds of divorce being unfaithfulness, but what about abuse? I have a friend who is being mostly verbally abused but sometimes physically abused in her marriage. She feels like she is being mentally tortured by the abuse she has received. He was not like this when they were dating. This all started right after marriage. She has endured this for 3 years now. Does God want us to stay in relationships where one can be abused like this?



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Abuse IS unfaithfulness - outside God's plan for relationships.

she has serious choices to make in her life; life is on-going.. it does not end when she makes a vow because  conditions change - if he does not cherish, honor, respect and love her he has already broken HIS vow. 

Yes, great thoughts.  [And] she should keep in touch with the guiding Spirit [of God], she can do no wrong to follow His leading in the matter; she she WILL KNOW if she  has faith.. He will speak to HER heart..

It's not grounds for divorce biblicaly speaking, but it is grounds for separation.. As someone who has been in such a relationship I am not relating from merely principal, but speak from a first hand perspective.. I have searched sister White's work, and counseled with many pastors on the issue for my own purposes.. If it has gotten physical though she should definitely leave, and refuse any form of possible reconciliation until he has completed anger management classes..

maybe before thinking of divorce, they should be adviced to get professional help, maybe through a pastor, or someone you trust will help them resolve their issues through God's intervention.

  A pastor will be of no use if  it is being  caused by selfishness neglect? Today  many have lost their Love for A Christ  and have but a form of religiosity sort of going through the motions  because the y accustomed to worship but it dry an d  formal.. Now if the yeasily set  Christ and his commands  aside then it easily  done to set aside their mates physical and emotional  needs as well when i tconvientant  ..   WHY  is it if a  spouse  asks fo rsomething specific the y need and  it is  continually excused and ignored if it be brought up it called nagging but if the other  1 contimues tpo hound  their  mate about  minor issues that not alwaays  done around the   house it is called  just a reminder?   

  HAS  love gone so cold today in the hearts of Gods people the y can put aside their mates   physical and or emotional needs and it fine  it not important  but the yget all irate   if u neglect some household chore / ?  WHAT ABOUT THE    edges of the SABBATH or in actuality  the begining part at sunset is it any less  Holy and easily ignored then  Sabbath morning?/  If Gods commandments are easily forgotten for private   matters  how much easier is it to show your mate the y  are not important  and their needs also are of little value to u  in the way the ytreat and ignore  them? 

  DO  u actually believe  if u Love  Christ with all your heart  mind an d soul   u would so easily forget  your marriage vows too?   their no such thing as  a  divorce from a marriage vow  without first leaving your first Love Christ also in the little (seemingly)  things.  You chew on that a little while before u hastily  reply back ok ?

 FOR  ONCE  Teresa   Ihave t oagree with u here, Myguess is that their werew te;ll tale signs before the marriage but were ignored  hoping it would get better , NOW  who has witnessed this verbal abuse ? Remember this the bible states their needs to be a t least 2 other witnesses tha tcan testify  what takes place ok?

  Sometimes it am called verbal  abuse today when  YOUR  mate has asked for something that is reasonably  already theirs   and when the yask for   it the yget ignored or  their spouse gets irate and acts as if  the request is  selfish  and  refuses to listen. 

  NOW verbal abuse today is  supposed to be when a spouse calls the m names or makes fun of them in public   .  IT hard to prove verbal abuse when it private  behind closed doors so to speak.  / Some today think it is  verbal abuse when  an argument accours and   the mate is heard  shouting or raising their voice to a level that the other finds distateful. . AGAIN   verbal abuse  is harrassing or putting down your mate  in one form  or another  calling them  things that  be  inconsiderate like  lazy  , ugly ,  making fun of  their inteligence  calling the m  stupid  or ignorant   etc etc ,  physical abuse  can be hair pulling, slapping  punching , which be the most common  hmm can physical abuse  be withholding from them too what the yhave need of too?? 

   SEPERRATION IF Physical  abuse has been seen clearly and counciling has taken place and nothing has changed, their going to be loud arguments at times and it is normal  but hitting someone   that causes them bruises  or cuts is not to be tolerated ,

The only Biblical grounds for divorce is Physical Adultery.   Anything else is solved by "separation"...  Nuff Sed


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