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Do you think the life is unfair? How do you cope when life is unfair?

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It is nice to hear that from feeling down of unfair affliction that you have a good mind set and time to praised Jesus. It is true that in His eyes that we are precious jewel...thanks for sharing this useful link.

God bless you always


When You Feel Life Is Unfair

Life is sometimes unfair. We experience loss, pain and injury. Sometimes terrible things happen to us through no fault of our own. We want someone or something to blame. Many times, we believe that God has failed us. Scripture teaches us that when life seems unfair, God's people should bring their complaints to God. In the Bible, we read of people who grieved (lamented) and then called out to God for help and hope. That is a good place to start on the journey to healing.

I'm glad life is unfair.  Romans 3:23 and 6:23 tells us that if life was fair we deserve death.  We can accept the unfair option of life instead.

Its not always easy to cope but we have to remember to look forward (1 Corinthians 2:9).

Thank you Stewart, Yes very true...We really need to accept what life we have...Life is like a tire it's up and down.


If you are on the top, you need to enjoy it and even you are down you give all your praised. Amen 

As we grow up, however, we discover that life is not always fair. We learn that people do not share equally. Perhaps our hearts were broken when someone we loved decided to leave us. Perhaps we lost money we had saved for years. Perhaps we were injured in an accident, or have had an extended illness. Perhaps someone deliberately harmed us or someone we love.

From these very specific disappointments, we may have decided that all of life is unfair. From one or two major depressing events in our lives, we may have been tempted to make a big jump – to choose to believe that life itself is not fair.

thanks Pastor T, it will big help for me your humble offering. May the Lord always reflect in us! God bless your family and your church!

Pray to God to have the mind of Jesus Christ (Philipians 2:4-11).
Ask God to have the mind of Paul who surrendered his rights so much that he was not distrubed in his workings for God. Who kept on pressing on and set his eyes on nothing else but the prize to be won. Surrender your rights!

Thanks for your thought... Yes your true the we need to surrender all to Him!

Because sometimes we experience loss, pain and difficulties and all terrible happen in our lives. And questioning to the Lord " Lord why it happened to me this? I know that God has reason for some difficulties and sometimes buy our choices that's why it happened some issues because of our wrong choice and God has a reason that we learn form our mistakes. But by the words of God teach us to pray and ask God to forgive to what we have done in HIM and thanks for what He has done for us.

I thanks for all you shared here and not only me can learn but all of us, everyone has a good points for any discussions!

I ascribe to the words of my mother.. She is a gruff redneck, but the way she dealt with those things just works better in practical application...

Get over it and die of something else.. If you don't toughen up, you will get trampled.. No time for tears..

On one hand it's crappy advice, but on the other it has gotten me through some hard stuff..

Including, but not limited too physical, sexual, and mental abuse later in life. Loosing everything I owned 3 times, because it was either stolen or I had to move so fast I could only take what I could pack up and put on the Greyhound..

Lets see what else... counseling my kids after we escaped their father, trying to sober their dad up before we made a break..... etc...

The fact is we can't run from these things, hide from them or change them.. So all one can rely do is get butch enough to deal with it and break down, casting your cares upon the Lord alone when time allows it..

Which if you have kids is almost never, because they can't be allowed to see it..

If the issue is a marriage then you rely better toughen up, because you are stuck with that misery for life unless a miracle occurs.. and you will have no emotional support outside of God, because those things can't leave the home..

I know most people here will give you the cotton candy version, but I've had way too long of a day to be anything but as real as it gets..

Life is not fair .. one thing a person has to learn real fast as they grow up...

Ya, pretty much.. I'll say this my day has been nothing if not interesting..


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