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It was asked on another board by a lawyer for the GC,

and I ask it here,

When WO passes will you leave the church because of that?

We are in the shaking time.  Everything that can be shaken will be shaken It is a good thing.  It is forcing each of us to study, or not, and choose up our sides.

So where are we being shaken?  Out of the church?  Or onto the Rock?

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She is. we are equal but have different roles just as God the Son is subject to God Father. Just as male and female are human, so Jesus and the Father are God but they have different roles; Only One is The Head

When all things are subjected to Him, then the Son Himself also will be subjected to the One who subjected all things to Him, so that God may be all in all. 1 Corinthians 15:28

I'm not going anywhere but staying aboard the ship.  It won't sink.  The ship is going through.  The only real question is whether we will go through with the ship.  This doesn't mean everything we see on the ship is of God.  We may see pastors telling people to keep Sunday or we might some day see practicing gay pastors on the ship. But these things should only drive us closer to Christ and assure us that time is getting very, very short.    

But even with this we must be careful.  According to this viewpoint, one might not have recognized that the Jewish nation was past it's probation- because they continued to hold carefully to the law of God through external forms of worship.

Satan is good at leading people to get "off on a technicality" so that they can't be charged with wrongdoing.  He's the perfect lawyer- he knows the law better than anyone and knows what will set people's alarm off as far as apostasy.  He may be scratching his chin saying "I can get them to do almost anything I want to, as long as I don't get them to corporately abandon the Sabbath- then they will think they are still in the center of God's will."   I wouldn't doubt but what the GC will never officially abandon the Sabbath or accept homosexuals no matter what degree of rejection of truth is pervasive throughout the system.  That's why I believe we would be wise to see that it is lesser matters which will test our allegiance to the Word of God and the testimonies which God has sent us.

As I said in an earlier post, I am not advocating leaving the church or not attending SDA churches, because even the early Christians continued to meet with the Jews in the synagogues long after they fully rejected the truth. But I do believe the danger of us repeating this history is certainly there, and I would encourage you to study the Word of God and SOP more deeply about this- many such warnings are there for God’s last-day people.

To name just a few of the glaring evidences for near total apostasy- our health work and hospitals resemble nothing similar to the instructions God gave us for them and aren't even connected to the church now- but hire on and "equal opportunity" basis so that Adventists can hardly get a job in them. Our schools and colleges are seeking after the world and some openly teaching evolution. Kids in our colleges have a party mentality and post vulgar harlem shake videos (vulgar beyond the inherent vulgarity of the harlem shake concept). The GC signed a contract linking our health work with secular government.

The list goes on - and these are all the things we're most excited about and calling "progress." Yes, there's "still a lot of good there," as people argue in a seeming effort to minimize these problems- and I agree, God does not give up on His people easily- but we should also remember that the nature of evil even from its first introduction to planet earth was as a mixture of good and evil. These problems are a small glimpse of the final stages of the disease of sin which has spread like a cancer over all the earth. The whole earth is in the last stages of this disease- governments, church organizations, the environment, and even God's own people. Surely the Lord is coming with ten thousand angels.

You've got some very good points there, my brother. Thanks for sharing- I feel that you have a good spirit.  May the Lord continue to lead His beloved people in these times.

I very much agree with what you're saying here.

Yes, Aquila, those are my thoughts too. 

Hey Jim!

Good to see that you are still around. I miss your posts - God bless you, man.


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