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Does anyone have ideas or is anyone here in the UK and have plans? 

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That's one thing I like about the US, it is big. There are regions or cities with many problems. Then there is small town USA that is like another world. Every state has both big city and small town. England must have the small town? Travel much?

I travel very little, I don't have many means. 

Off the top  of my head I would suggest: the Lake District; Dartmoor; Yorkshire Ridings, Snowdonia, central Wales and , of course, a lot of Scotland.

Look on a mobile phone provider's coverage map, those places that are not covered by EE or 3 would be good places to check out.

Are you thinking of somewhere to move to or somewhere to go when the time of trouble hits?

Somewhere to go when the time of trouble comes. 

My idea is to have a destination planned. I would much prefer to be part of a larger group of brothers and sisters in christ but I know none that are planning these things where I live. 

It has been a while, so I cannot post a link, but I remember reading about a group of people who were building an off-the-grid community somewhere in the UK.  I think it was Whales.  You may want to form a group that does something like that.  I am also considering hiking to remote areas and planting small caches with basic things like a Bible, socks, soap, dried food.  If I don't use it, I will leave it to someone.   

There are families that have left the cities to go to Wales in order to take up country living. Have you taken a trip there to visit any churches? Have you visited the Welsh Mission's website?

As far as having somewhere to go when the time of trouble comes: the Lord will provide. I have been to the places where the Albigenses and the Waldenses hid in times of trouble and it is marvellous to see what has been prepared. Caves that you can walk past the entrances of without even knowing they are there yet they can hold hundreds of people and I remember one that had a pulpit naturally formed out of the rock and another that had provision for a fire to be lit inside with a natural chimney. Even if the Catholic forces could see the smoke they still could not figure out where it was coming from.

I'm sure the churches there would appreciate any help that you are able to offer as growth has been rather stagnant over the last few decades.

Amen JohnB. God will sure provide. He has done it before, and He is doing it, and will do it in the future. Yes, He is doing it. I have heard of people who say they were in the middle of danger, but somehow, those who were searching for them passed by and left them alone....everywhere ther is conflict, there are such marvelous stories.

I can't imagine being on an Island no matter how large would provide much in the way shelter. 

James Nichols, do not worry about where you will run to or how you will get there. Remember the prophets of old were taken to the wilderness by the Spirit...ref Elijah (1 Kings 19), and Jesus (Matthew 4). And for some of us, they who persecute us will find a wilderness for ua, as in the case of John the Revelator on the island of patmos.

Our greatest duty is to Keep the faith by the power of His might. Right now we are to prepare for those trying monents ahead by putting on the whole armour of God (Eph 6:10-18). Remember we are not even to worry when we are taken before the judges- the Spirit of God will give us utterance: Matthew 10:19, Luke 12:12.

Let us strive to Know the Father and Jesus Christ whom He sent, for this is eternal life (John17:3). We are to do this by studying the scriputer, for they are they which testify of Jesus (John 5:39). That is our role now.

How we will get along during those times of trouble is the Lord's doing and it will be marvelous.

I hope this encourages you.


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