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Which bible versions will benefit for salvation?   Please let me know what you think about the translations of the bible.

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Use different versions, it's not salvific, you can even find Jesus in the NIV....

NIV was translated by various scholars, I trust its accuracy more.

I always found it helpful to look at different versions.  Don't be ashamed if you need to read one that's written in a way native to you.   If you're reading something that feels off or grossly contradicts itself in various places use that inclination to look for other translations just to make sure you stay on the right track.  It's also easy to start looking for answers we want to hear, we should be wary of that when reading as well.

There are thousands of different tongues, not everyone hears or reads translations the same way.  My wife uses a french bible, a while back I tried to translate something in it and saw a different meaning from what I knew the passage to be because of how the vernacular works.  To native french speakers it meant what I knew it to mean , but that meaning got lost to me trying to translate it from french.

My friend and I were also reading the bible and trying to translate the original either Hebrew or Greek and the meaning got lost in translation into an idea that is not biblical.  That is why I started to steer away from the original languages because they are easy for me to misinterpret.

Can you read Hebrew?

umm no I have to have a translator.

A translator will not do; better to study with many Bible versions instead.

I am studying Biblical Hebrew..and my teacher would tell us, translate word by word and then compare it with a bible....The translation make it easy to understand, but not always is what is written, a translation of the original.

the close translation of the Bible greek base in the study with  my Professor is NIV

I found this Book useful from the Amazing Facts free library

While the King James is not perfect it is the one I turn to and enjoy reading. If I was forced to just have and hide one Bible it would be the King James.   When I study I use all versions.

As an english speaker, the KJV is probably my favorite also.  It's dramatic and also written in a way that makes me think and try to connect dots.   A lot of the others seem to want to take that work out of it to me.  I can't say that's a bad thing for everyone. However, some times the wording/phrases they choose to replace the traditional old english terminology is bland.  It seems to lack the right inflection and doesn't provoke as much reflection as I get when reading the KJV.


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