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Who's the Boss in the Home? The Man or the Woman? according to God's word.

Eve was made from a rib from Adam

The Bible also talks about wives submitting and Husbands loving

What do you think??

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what's going on ?

Who's in charge?

Husband is the boos at home according to our culture and I think according to Bible also

if the Husband I the boss why was Eve made from the rib of Adam (near his heart ) and not a bone from his foot?

Husband is a king at home and wife is queen

are king and queen equal? ... for we are all equal in God's sight all sinners that Jesus died to save

Husband is king at home

Christ is our example. His bride is the church.  Love your wife and do as Christ said. Encourage your wife to follow the Bible and be a leader not a boss.  Christ lead by example by taking up the cross, should we as husbands not do the same.  Culture is not what we follow Akram but rather the word of God.  

yes God loved His church and gave His life for it

maybe it is only in giving ourselves to God first and Giving ourselves also to our partners that there is true happiness in a relationship ... Could this be true??

Many times I have asked in prayer for help to be a humble minister to my wife rather than a nag.   God has answered this prayer and nagging never helps.

Amen Bart. Honestly, nagging might provoke women to be disobedient or turn them to be more violent. I believe telling them in a soft way and once in a time will be the best option.

Yes Jesus as #1 in our lives . The word and the Holy Spirit can guide us to the other choices we need to make if we are but willing ..

your thoughts?

I like your statement here David. It is really so lovely. May The Lord bless you, your wife and children.


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