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Who's the Boss in the Home? The Man or the Woman? according to God's word.

Eve was made from a rib from Adam

The Bible also talks about wives submitting and Husbands loving

What do you think??

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I like this scripture:  "But I would have you know that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God" - Corinthians 11:3. 

The head of the family means this: It means the husband is deeply concerned for the wife's well being. That he is ideally sacrificially committed to every aspect of her spiritual growth.  He is willing to take responsibility for her protection and guidance.  In other words, a Christ-like husband is dedicated to loving his wife as much as he loves himself. 

I was really shocked at the number of SDA men who don't even know their role in the family unit as leader.  I can't say I blame them - being the leader in a Godly marriage is tough!  It takes a man who has surrendered to God's word to carry out God's orders.  A lot of men don't want the responsibility or they are misinformed, have rewritten scripture to suit their definition of the facts.  

From a Christian marriage book that I read it says that the husband has four times the responsibility that the wife does.  It was written by P.B. Wilson, who is NOT an adventist. I like to read a variety of literature, not just SDA literature.   This lines up with what the bible says. 

Here is the man's responsibility: 

1. Be the head (final decision maker) of the wife. The cool thing is that the wife is the NECK and can show the head where to turn if SHE is obeying God's principles for marriage. 

2. Love your wife (this means love your wife as Christ loved the church) 

3. Be the spiritual leader of your home.

4. Love your wife according to how God made her. 

The wife's role is to submit herself unto the husband as unto the Lord. That is the woman's role according to scripture. 

This is packed with meaning.  Here are the challenges that match up with what I wrote above...

1. The husband refuses to accept his responsibility as head of house or of submitting to God.

2. Wife refuses to submit to her husband. 

3. In laws or others outside the immediate family unit are allowed to influence the decisions of the family - this is a HUGE problem that I have written about before.  

4. The flesh and not the spirit is dominant in the marriage relationship. 

So leadership is very different from being the boss.  Yes culture plays a part but it is not a greater part than what God has planned for his children.  You can be a boss and not know how to lead. That's why I like the idea that only God is the boss. The husband leads under God's rules. Being a boss and a leader are very different. 

Prayer for wife and family members, prayer for the holy spirit to guide in leading family. Most of the time I have to pray to hold my mouth and just listen. 


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