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.... so i stumbled upon .. and unnamed blog.....
where the issue.. of  sex on the sabbath.. was being discussed....and one of the primary responses...simple... said that... since the author of the blog wasn't married.. then any such detail could not be told.....

Honestly... a range of emotions went through my mind....

My first reaction was- anger....
Secondly... i laughed...

I was angry.. because...too often...we as young persons of the church are being criticized  for our mistakes....but... the elders.. of the church.. wont give...details.. when we do ask questions....

And I laughed... simple because... it was an honest answer which i do not believe was given an honest answer...

But.. who will tell us??

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Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations: ask thy father, and he will shew thee; thy elders, and they will tell thee.

Deu 32:7
Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.

Act 20:28
.....its dealing with the issues.. the elders of the church may have in openly discussing Sex and Marriage.. with.. younger persons.. simple because we are not married....
The elders are wrong in not answering these questions! If we dont insruct the youth they will flounder and fall! This will lead to children and sex out of wedlock as well. As to the sex on sabbath question I dont know if there is scripture disscussing this. I will look for you. I personally believe that we should and can abstain for God's holy sabbath. I mean come on It's only one day!
I find it extraordinary that in a world where millions are starving, homeless, displaced by earthquakes and other natural disasters, and in desperate need of the good news of salvation, the faithful are wasting time and pages & pages of forum space arguing whether sex on Sabbath is permissible.

I open the newspapers and see a society that is drowning in violence and bloodshed, and then come to the forum where elaborate arguments are constructed as to whether we should be wearing jewelry.

I look at the news bulletins and see people perishing for lack of knowledge about God, and there are so many ways that the Adventist church could help and lead by example, and then I come back to the forums where it is pronounced that the reason Christ has not come back again is because we are wearing worldly clothes and listening to the wrong kind of music.

And we wonder why so many people see the church as irrelevant.

And we wonder why so many atheists see religious believers as stupid and prone to arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

So in short, my response to seeing the "sex-on-sabbath" thread was also a wide range of emotions - but probably for different reasons.

.. God bless u
........i dont get it.. i simply dont get how.. some people can be so insensitive and... I somehow wonder... what goes on in some of our minds....

WE are all at different stages of our Christian walk... and perhaps.. you have reached the stage... where perfection has been met.... but i am truly angry at the fact that some persons believe that anything asked by a growing Christian is irrelevant.....

And honestly.... if you are here to cast judgments or be negative in any way.. please dont bother to comment... i assure you your contributions.. will not be missed.
OK...if I came across as insensitive I apologise, but thank you for confirming for me once again what I suspected...that after 37 years of feeling like a square peg in a round hole, I really do not belong in the Adventist church and there is no place for me here.

So many ideas and thoughts that go through my head...absolutely nobody and nowhere I can talk about them...guaranteed that people get angry if I even try.

So please continue your discussion - I won't be here to get in your way.

By the way, the "growing Christians" - the new Adventists, recent converts, former unbelievers, are the ones who (in my social circle at least) are the most likely to look at the big picture and worry about the widows and orphans etc. Those who seem to be forever stuck on jewelry, music styles, sex on Sabbath and whether to eat cheese are those who have been in the church their whole lives - often 3rd, 4th, even 5th generation Adventists.

Just my observation. But then, my contributions are not wanted and will not be missed.

Wow. Now that's a mighty nice post from you MsMS. I whole heartedly agree with it.
Before ....anything else.. I would like to say that this discussion. was not.... meant to bring any sort of animosity among any one here.... I simple stated something that alot of the young persons talk about and are to afraid to address... for too often... we as Seventh-day Adventists are too... comfortable with sweeping it all under the rug- of justification- as long as we make.. our efforts of World..peace.. highlight our mission.. But more so than anything else the Father asked that we go out and preach and teach to all nations....But the crazy thing about that is....reality sets in.. and.. the clock.. ticks..and points to 2010 and... we are no longer in an age.. where wild meat was the lunch of choice and where 14 yr olds being wives was a norm.. we are in a time.. when...Pastor's children are getting pregnant... where deacons.. are verbally abusing their wives... were submission to one's husband means.... fearing....We are so got up.. with portraying this perfection....that we do not take time to address.. the issues.. that our young people.. are dying to know about... If you dont ... then who will?... But you say that it is there...clearly stated in the bible.. and so.. we should read it... Sadly alot.. of us know how to read... but lack the ability of understanding....thats where you come in elders.... to help us .. fill the gap of interpretation and analysis....

So... Who will teach us???
Truly ... the Holy Spirit needs to teach us that which is important.
i agree.....


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