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All of us anticipate the day when the Lord will burst the eastern to reclaim us and take us to heaven with Him. All of us have many questions for Jesus. I wonder if it will be a rat race to get to Him?

After you have spoken to Jesus who is your next in line favourite to talk with? Why this person? What are some of the questions you have for him/her? Share the anticipated joy.

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Man! this thing is really making me more knowledgeable. Thanks Ryan I can speak in a more informed manner on this issue now. I love this discussion.
Hey just get a little chance to catch up on the discussion. You have a lot of favourite Sir James some of them are mine too. Eve would be a great person to sit by the river and talk with, but certainly not about the apple to the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, of Good and Evil. Not an apple. Sir James make your words positive, not 'if given a chance' we were already given the choice, choose to be there. I will be there and want to see you by the river too. Is this a deal?
After seeing God, I'd like to see Esther the queen because she is one of the many women I look up to in the Bible. Id like to see with my very own eyes her beauty...That beauty that won the favor of anyone who saw her during her time and how she won the King's approval more than any other women.
Darell I picture Esther to be a graceful and Charming lady with a strong sense of purpose and love for mankind. Can you imagine her in immortal state? We will walk together on the golden street. Sure you will be in our company, won't you?
I agree with you...She is prolly a graceful and charming lady. I was so caught up with how she was portrayed in the Bible as a woman of beauty. lol I dont have any idea though how shes gonna be like in immortal state but when we get to our heavenly home with golden streets, I sure will see to it that I get to meet her one day. We will go together :) Oh and happy birthday!
Thanks my friend let us be praying for each other and ensure that we all make it I.
My besty! She loves to talk about Jesus and when we have long late night bible study and worship i just am so filled up its like im ready to run outside and preach the good news to every random person, animal, or thing i encounter. I am just going to tackle her, hug her..and say with tears in my eyes..."We made it!!! AJA!"
Who is Betsy Nolan? Whoever it is that's great. It there means that you must make it in. Remember though that there will be no tears so it will have to be something else in your beautiful eyes. Probably joy because that is what we will have forever more.
Tears of joy! ;-)
"For God shall wipe away all tears from our eyes. There sall be no more death nor crying; neither shall there be any more pain for the former things are past away."
My dear imagine the joy without tears because that is what it would be.
Tears of sorrow...
Not tears at all remember that tears are for mortals we will be immortal.


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